Monday, December 21, 2009


Where do I start? Oh, I know
"It's a GIRL"!!!!!!!!!!
We got the phone call today that we have been waiting for.
I had just got home from running a few errands and i heard the house phone ringing so i ran inside and grabbed the phone and told my cousin who i was talking too on my cell that i needed to go so i could answer the other phone, so i grabbed the phone and guess who it was?
Holt International!
So, I say "Hello" and the Lady on the other end said Hi, Konnie this is _______ from
Holt, We talked for a few seconds and then she said the One of the most Exciting things I have heard, she said "We would like to Welcome You, Isaac and your Boys to the China Program, YOU'VE BEEN ACCEPTED"!!!
I screamed, she laughed & we talked.
She told me to go check my e-mail because they had sent us our dossier.
After talking for awhile, silly woman asked me if I had any questions and I asked her how much time she had. lol!
I had an Amazing feeling when I heard those words "You've been accepted"
Wow! It still gives me chills to think about it.
It felt like going to the doctor and hearing him tell us that we were pregnant!
When I got off of the phone i ran outside and told Isaac & the boys that we were accepted and after alot of laughing and talking{ok not so much talking just alot of laughing} i called My Mom and told her "It looks like You and Daddy are going to have a new granddaughter." and then I called my sister and then I called Jennifer.
This is like the best Christmas present ever!!!
I am now going to be the mother of 5!
{1 in Heaven, 3 in My Arms & 1 in China}
UPDATE: We are going through the Child of PromiseProgram {minor/correctable needs}. From the date of application until travel is 12 - 18 months but they say it can go faster
because there are not very many families that will accept little girls with some of the needs that we are open to.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub Easton's in the tub!

We came home the other night and i went straight to turn bath water on and of course my little shadow followed me { i love my little shadow, so i don't mind that he follows me EVERYWHERE!} anyway Easton was playing with Handy Manny on the floor in the bathroom, and i turned around at the vanity to pull my hair up and out of the corner of my eye i saw Easton's little head going over the side of the tub, I turned around and this is what I saw...

{I did not leave Easton in the bathroom by himself, I called to Isaac to get my camera.
I just couldn't pass up the oppurtunity to {blackmail} take a few cute photos of my baby boy!}

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Dooley's "Christmas 2009"

Update- Yes! I am sitting on Santa's Lap, Easton was not at all thrilled with the big hairy man so they told me to get in the picture with them and then they called Isaac to get in too and the next thing i knew Santa was like "Hey,you just have seat here on Santa's lap and hold the baby" I told Isaac afterwards that i felt just a little violated. LOL! When we got the pic Isaac said Ugh! Where was Santa's hand? I told him I was afraid to think about it. LOL!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!!!!!!!! A Proud Momma & Daddy!!

One day a few weeks ago Grayson asked me if I could take him to the Larry Boy Store {Family Christian Store} to buy him a cd for him to sing at church,

I of course was really excited to go take him to find something, because I grew up singing in a family group and had traveled all over the US singing from the time I was 9 years old until just a few short years ago, and had always hoped and Prayed that My children would love singing as much as I always have and would want to share it with others, So i was ready to go, When we got to FCS, I asked Grayson if he knew what song he wanted to sing and he said "well it's a slow song" {so that narrowed it down!} lol!

So we started talking about the words of the song and he could only remember a few words of the song so i was wracking my brain to figure out what song it was and Low and Behold the song came on the radio in FCS and he pointed up at the speaker and said "That's it" So we found his CD. We had practiced the song on the way home that night and the next day we had music time and i decided to sit and explain the meaning of the song to Grayson & Brayden, I wanted them to understand the meaning behind the song not just sing it because they liked the way it sounded, so we started talking about the song and they both had alot of questions about different parts of it but I could tell that Grayson really understood what the song was about, so later that evening before bed Grayson came to tell me goodnight and he said " Momma I want Jesus in My Heart"

I am blessed to say that Isaac & I were able to lead Grayson to the Lord!

On October 30th 2009, My Big Boy asked Jesus to come into his Heart!!!!!!!!

He is so excited and has wanted to tell everyone he meets that he has Jesus living in his heart!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday {Tuesday} morning
My Mom was released from UMMC in Jackson
and around 4pm yesterday we were so relieved to see that white car sitting in there driveway.
Mom has not been feeling to well since she left the hospital
but she has had a long 2 days with just the 3 hour drive from Jackson to the house when she has not been out of the hospital bed basically for the past 21 days.
We are so glad that they are home and pray that Mom will be able to drink plenty of fluids and at some point in the next few days be able to start eating a little something.
She was very glad to be at home in her own bed last night
and was thankfully able to get a pretty good nights sleep last night.
My Dad called me yesterday once they had gotten on the road,
so I hollered to the boys that Shashi & Poppy's were coming home from the hospital
and it was so funny because i heard both Grayson & Brayden shout YES!!!!!!!!!!
and then yesterday when we pulled up over
at Mom & Dad's, Easton said Yah!!!!!!!!!! and started clapping and laughing.
Thank You all for your Prayers and words of encouragement! You will never know how much you have meant to Me and My Family!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We have a Winner!!!!!!!

Sorry, I am a day late posting the winner of my 100th post giveaway but I am having some issues with my laptop.

But the winner is Mimi! @ He & Me + 3.

Mimi email me and i will get your gift to you!

Thank You all for playing and be watching for yet another giveaway coming your way soon!

We also have some REALLY GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!! that I will be posting about soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Custom Random Number Generator

Custom Random Number Generator: "Enter a lower limit: 1
Enter an upper limit: 8

Random Number:"1

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


That is all I can say right now is I am TIRED! worn out, stressed, in need of a vacation, a mommy's day out, TIRED!!!

It seems like all i have done for almost an entire year is take care of everyone else and i am just worn out. Don't get me wrong, I have loved being able to spend this time helping my parents, but trying to juggle everything like taking care of My Hubby, My Kids, My Parents, taking care of the house, cooking for us and my parents, homeschooling and now running back and forth to Jackson every weekend, leaving on Wednesday or Thursday nights and coming home on Sunday or Monday nights, while in Jackson taking turns with my sisters staying at the hospital with My Mom, coming back to the hotel with no sleep from staying at the hospital and taking care of My kids. I am exhausted!!! The last year and a half of my life has seemed like nothing but hills that i have to pull myself over, Easton being born premature and him being so very sick and not knowing if i was going to get to bring him home, sitting inside with him for 4 months, never leaving my house but to take him to the doctor, wondering every night when i put him to bed if he was going to stop breathing during the night and his machine was going to fail, and just when life starts to get back to normal My Mom getting sick and being so scared that something was going to happen to her, and then running around trying to do everything by myself because it just wasn't convenient for anyone else and i didn't want to waste any time that I could have with My Mom, now i am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to keep up with everything that needs to be done but yet not being able to concentrate on anything because i am so stressed out and exhausted. I have spent alot of my life caring about other people, making phone calls"just to let you know that i am praying for you" and "that i am here if you need me" and trying to do for others what i would want them to do for me in my time of need. Well, I am TIRED!!!!!! Let's just say that over the last year and a half I have found out who my true friends are and that they are few and far between.

I just needed to get some things off of my chest because if i don't i will probably blowup.

Sorry for the rant. I know that i have alot to be thankful for, Thankful that i DID get to bring My Beautiful Baby Boy home and that staying in for 4 months kept him well and healthy, thankful that My Mom is doing good although she is going through alot of crap right now, Thankful for the few people that have been there through most of this time in my life when i feel like i am barely keeping my head above water, Thankful for my hubby that i can vent too when i need someone to talk too, Thankful for my 3 beautiful happy little boys that can make me smile even when i feel lke crap. But most of all Thankful for My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that can get me through the rough times in My life and promises me that he is GREATER than all of my little ole' problems, and that he will bring me through.

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Random Things! & Giveaway's!"

I have got several things to blog about today.
1.) For starters this is my 100th post! YAH!!!!!{finally}
2.) I am also really excited to be hosting my 1st Giveaway!
3.) My Mom had her Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant Friday, and is doing really well!
{more on My Mom later that is a whole other post} But I do want to say Thank You to All of you that have been Praying for My Mom and Our Family, we have really felt your prayers!
Now, for the Giveaways!!!! {Yes, you read that right, I am not only hosting 1 giveaway, I am hosting 2}
So here are the rules!
1.) Follow my Blog
2.) Grab my button {It's FREE}
3.) Leave me a comment telling me that you are following my blog & grabbed my button
4.) For an extra entry, Blog about my giveaway on your blog
5.) Comment telling me that you blogged about my giveaway {or you can link to my blog}
6.) And "last but not least" comment telling me what giveaway you want to be entered in or if you want to be entered in both, then leave a comment for each giveaway!
"Well now if that wasn't confusing!"
The contest will run until November 9th, So get your entries in, {and who knows i may just come up with another giveaway soon, So be watching for it!!!
So here are the prizes:

Giveaway 1 is for a Flower Clip/Headband, from my Etsy store "Little Belles & Bows"

Giveaway 2 is for a Monogrammed cup {there is nothing like being able to carry BIG cup of sweet tea with you when you've got to hit the road}. If you enter this Giveaway make sure to tell in your comment what name or initials you want on the tumbler. And what your favorite colors are.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Ready or Not" Here it Comes!

Thursday the Boys & I took My Parents to Jackson For Mom's checkup with her Oncologist.
No one under the age of 13 years is allowed in the doctors office so we pulled up, dropped Mom & Dad off and we sat in the Expedition while they were in the doctor.
We had gone in the Medical mall down the hall from Mom's doctor and Mom called me to see where we were.
We walked down to meet them outside and Mom asked me if we were ready and I said yeah we are and then she said no "Are you ready" and I said YES!
She then looked at me again and said no are you ready and i said for what and she said that her doctor told her that she would go into the hospital Tuesday, I of course said "This Tuesday" and she laughed and said Yes! I promise you we got outside got in the SUV she called my Brother & 2 sisters and they said the exact same thing i said, then Mom called her older sister and she started crying and said but I'm not ready for you to go in the hospital.
So needless to say we have had a VERY busy weekend trying to get everything ready for Mom & Dad to go to Jackson.
We had to pack them for a whole month.
We had to go buy some things for them that they needed at the hospital and some things that we will need while Mom is in the hospital.
I have been online for the last 2 days trying to find a really good deal on 2 Hotel rooms{It ain't cheap paying for 2 hotel rooms for a month} but everything i found was really expensive or in a bad part of town.
But this afternoon My sister called her Daughter Hailey's Aunt{My Sister & Brother in law have Guardianship of Hailey} who's Dad owns a few hotels in Mississippi, he has a brand new Hotel {which is an extended stay hotel, with a kitchen and living area}in Jackson about 2 miles from the Hospital where My Mom will be and they are just opening this week {coincidence? I don't think so} And he gave us an AWESOME deal! And the other best part is it's RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO SUPER TARGET!!!!!!!!lol!
But anyway, My Mom, Dad, and My 2 Sisters are leaving tomorrow {Monday} afternoon heading to Jackson. My Mom will go into the Hospital Tuesday morning @ 8:30am.
She will have surgery to have her pic line put in and then will have her 1st round of High dose Chemo. We {Myself, Hubby & Boys} are leaving Tuesday afternoon when Isaac gets off of work and we are heading to Jackson, Wednesday Mom will have her 2nd round of High dose Chemo, Thursday will be a day of rest and Friday she will have her Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant. She will be in the hospital for 1 month {31Days}. She will be on the Transplant floor the whole stay.
We{my sisters and I} are going to be taking turns staying the night with her at the hospital so Dad can go back to the hotel with Isaac & the boys to sleep at night. We are all REALLY nervous about all of this. We have waited for so long for her to get the ok from her doctor but now that she has gotten the ok it just seems really rushed.
Please keep My Mom in your prayers and our Family. It is really going to be hard watching her be sick and watching her get so low.
We will be staying in Jackson until Sunday and then we will come home for a few days for Isaac to go to work {gotta have a pay check} a couple of days and then we will be heading back to Jackson next Wednesday night to stay until the following Monday. We will then be going up every weekend until she gets to come home. Once she is home she will be AT HOME! for 70 days.
Please remember My Boys in your prayers, they are so young and are so used to seeing My Mom at least every other day, but after tomorrow they will not get to see her for her entire hospital stay and we are still not real sure if they will get to see her for the 70 days after she gets home. We are going to go next door tomorrow and spend the morning with Her before she heads out and try to let the boys get in as many hugs and kisses as they can {like 100 days worth}. Let me just say "I DON'T THINK I AM READY FOR THIS!"
But "Ready or Not Here it Comes!"
I will try to keep everyone up to speed on how she is doing and if i start to fall behind I am sure that my Bestie Jennifer will do a great job posting updates for me.
If you get a chance and would like to leave My Mom a message just to let her know that you are praying for her you can visit her Caring Bridge site @
Thank You all for Your Thoughts and Prayers! We love you all.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Remembering Our Babies"

On June 3rd 2001,
We found out we were going to be Parents,
We were So Excited, we couldn't stand it, I took a pregnancy test on Sunday Morning,
I remember being scared that the pregnancy test was going to be negitive, since it was not even time for me to start{I was a little anxious}.
But i got out of bed that morning and tiptoed to the bathroom to take the test, "I wanted to surprise Isaac".
I took the test and it seemed like forever and then i saw those 2 pink lines, I almost screamed.
I ran in the bedroom and jumped on the bed and screamed
Isaac was as excited as i was.
We scheduled an appointment with My OB on Monday, went in and were told that everything looked great. We left the Doctor and went stright to Babies R Us' and i was in Hog Heaven. Do you know how many times i had dreamed of going shopping in BRS?
We left out of Babies R Us that night with Our Baby's Bassinett and a outfit that said Daddy's Little Girl.

I was very blessed to not have any morning sickness. We had a great 4 weeks.
We had gotten home from church on Sunday July 1st and i had spotted, I was so scared that something was wrong but kept praying that everything was going to be fine. We called the doctor on call and he told me to lay on my back with my feet up and then call the office the next morning and to not worry, I remember thinking "man you sure don't know me".
We prayed so hard that night that we would go in the next morning and find that we had worried about nothing.
We didn't sleep a wink that night,
We got up the next morning on July 2nd and started over to the Doctor, on the way to Mobile we held hands & prayed that the Lord's will would be done. {Never did i think that it would end the way it did} we were riding and praying and listening to the radio and there was a song that came on that to this day brings tears to my eyes, It is by "Greg Long" this is the lyrics.

Pain The gift nobody longs for, still it comes
And somehow leaves us stronger When it's gone away
Pray I try and pray for Your will to be done
But I confess it's never fast enough for me
It seems the hardest part is waiting on You
When what I really want
Is just to see Your hand move
I want a peace beyond my understanding
I want to feel it fall like rain
In the middle of my hurting
I want to feel Your arms as they surround me
And let me know that it's okay
To be here in this place
Resting in the peace that only comes
In the waiting

Time Time to let it go and just believe
Trusting in what no one else but You can see
Free Freedom from the fears that close me in
When I can't get beyond where I have been, but then
The silence doesn't mean that I'm alone
As long as I can hear
That I am still Your own

I want a peace beyond my understanding
I want to feel it fall like rain
In the middle of my hurting
I want to feel Your arms as they surround me
And let me know that it's okay
To be here in this place
Resting in the peace that only comes
In the waiting

We got to the Doctor and were taken to ultrasound, we sat in the the waiting room with several pregnant women and i just kept thinking that this just could not be happening.
They called us back and lying there on the table after a few minutes Our tech looked at us and said"I'm so Sorry".
We were both devastated, i just kept thinking "well but if i turn over on this side you will find the heartbeat, But somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that we had lost her.
We {Isaac, Myself & the Tech} were all crying when we left out of the room and I knew that all of these Mom's were about to go in to see there little baby's heartbeats on that little screen.
We were taken over to see My Doctor and i remember sanding in the hall while they were getting a room ready for us and Our Nurse Laurie came out of the office crying and came over and hugged me.
Then they took us in the room and when Dr. Plessela{My Doctor} came hime he had tears rolling down his face.
He told us how sorry he was for us and tried to explain that ther was no major medical reason as to why we Lost Our Baby.
He talked to us about having a D & C, and about letting nature take it's course.
And told me to go home and try to rest that the next few days were going to worse with all of the cramping and bleeding and just knowing that you are lossing your baby and there is nothing you can do about it.
I begged Isaac to please not make me go home, I did not want to be at home, I didn't want to see anyone or talk to anyone. I just wanted it to be us. If i didn't go home I didn't have to see the bassinett sitting in the nursery just waiting for us to put our little baby in it.
Or the Little Outfits we had bought hanging in the closet.
So we rode around for hours, we cryed and prayed and cryed somemore.
Isaac finally talked me into going home much later and we just sat and stared at the tv not really saying anything for days.
On July 4th we were asked to go to the Fireworks at the beach park,
I did not want to go but knew that i had to get out sometime.
So we went over to pick up our youth pastors wife and daughter & when we got there Lisa came to the door handed me a card and said read it when you are ready, I went and sat on her couch and read her card,
Lisa & David had lost there little boy 1 year earlier, at 36 weeks he was born stillborn, Lisa told me that it did not matter if you were 36 weeks or 1 week that it was still your child, And a part of your heart that would forever be gone. She was right, To this day there is a piece of My Heart in Heaven with a very special child that will always be My First Baby!

I did have to go back to the doctor because nature was not working fast enough and i was starting to get sick, so i went back to the doc on July 7th and had to have a D & C. There is nothing like going into the hospital one day pregnant and coming out with no baby to hold in your arms.

I to this day have had people tell me that at least i didn't carry the baby for very long, Let me explain From the moment of conception that baby is a human being. You love that Baby more than life itself and you would do anything for that baby to still be with you.

We changed alot, We were 2 kids that had been married for 4 years {I was 24 & Isaac 23}. Our plans changed our Lives changed. We both were Christians before but were brought so much closer to God by this.

We have been blessed beyond belief with Our 3 Beautiful boys & are so very Thankful, But we know that Our Little Girl is in Heaven and one Day we will get to see her and hold her and kiss her soft little cheek. Our Emma' Leigh Grace is so very special to our Family, Our Boys know that they have an older sister in heaven and that one day they too will get to meet her.

This is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. Please say a prayer for All of the Families that have lost a child.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!!!

If you want to join in on McMama's free therapy session where we do not admit all of the things that we did Not do this past week go to

I did Not spend alot of My week taking a 1 year old off the top of just about everything in My living room. Easton has Not finally gotten tall enough to get on the coffee table by himself. But he will Not just get on it and sit, He likes to give Momma a heart attack by climbing up and standing on top of it.

We did Not buy a new SUV from Houston and have to drive to Houston to pick it up. We did Not drive that 7 1/2 hour drive on Friday pick up my Expedition, spend the night go to the Aquarium and then drive that 7 1/2 hour drive back home saturday. It was Not a really rushed but Great trip. We will Not go back to Houston, It was Not a really Awesome City with tons of stuff to do.

I was Not really relived that My Children did GREAT on our trip with it being so rushed, I am Not extremely blessed to have Great kids that travel VERY well. Easton did Not sleep about 5 1/2 to 6 hours of our trip home from Houston, He did Not wake up at every stop, got out walked around a few minutes, get back in the carseat and go right back to sleep, then we were Not able to get home, get him out, change him and put him to bed for him not to wake up at 9:30am.
Grayson & Brayden did Not have a blast in Houston they did Not ask about a billion times if we could just stay a few more days.

My Mom, Myself and the boys did Not get a little lost in Downtown Houston at 10:00 at night, in the rain, and did i mention at night. Let's just say the Big city life is Not for me. I love to visit places like Houston but don't really like driving in them. I would never get lost in a Big City at night ecspecially in the rain. Nope, Not me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My New Ride!!!!

Early Friday Morning
My Hubby, Myself, Our Boys and My Parents
will be driving to Houston TX.
to pick up our new Ford Expedition King Ranch.
I have been wanting an Expedition for a long time now & It just so happened that the one that we found that we wanted and {could afford} was in Houston.
So we are going to pick it up Friday and spend the weekend in Houston enjoying some of the sites {Galleria}:).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sorry i have been MIA lately,
things have been really busy around here the last few weeks.
We started school a few weeks ago, which is going great other than i have got 2 children in different grades that are doing different Abeka videos which means that i run between 2 different rooms all morning :/ which is not a totally bad thing because i am getting some really good excerise {you know jumping over baby gates and such}.
But Easton is NOT dealing with all of my running around back and forth between the 2 rooms very well.
You see i have to cross through the living room {where Easton is playing} to get to each of the rooms where Grayson & Brayden are working so we are going to try something different tomorrow, Grayson will do school from 8-10:30 [Easton doesn't usually wakeup from the night until 10:30 or so}, so we can be finished with G's school by the time E wakes up and then Brayden will do school after lunch from 1-3:30 {while Easton is taking a nap} so i am really praying that our new schedule will work. We will have to shift our schedule some when we have school trips with our New Homeschool group {which we are really excited about}. There is nothing like being able to get together with Mom's And Children that know how Awesome it is to Homeschool.
We did take a little mini-vacation last weekend to Callaway Gardens{i will post some pics later in the week} We had a blast getting to get away with My Parents and sisters, brother in law and niece for a few days. It was so nice to be able to go with my Parents somewhere before my Mom goes in to the hospital for her Bone Marrow/Stem Cell transplant.
But a really cool thing happened to us this weekend, Friday night we had gone to church to have directory pics made and then went to Mobile to get something to eat, Easton had gone to sleep so we went through the drive thru and ate and then went to Target. We pulled up at Target and Isaac got E out of the carseat so i could feed him. A car pulled up beside us and a man got out and headed into the store and i looked over and the woman in the passanger seat was waving at me so i waved back, then she rolled her window down and waved again so i told Isaac to roll the window down and the lady leaned out the window and said you have the Most Beautiful Baby Boy i have ever seen, I of course told her Thank You and that we thought so too.
But then the coolest thing happened, She turned around and rolled down the back window and said Abby look at this little boy and when the little girl looked over the glass it was the most Beautiful little Chinese Girl you have ever seen.
I think i can speak for Isaac too when i say that we both got chills, she was beautiful.
I told the Lady, This may dumb, but i am assuming that she is Adopted and the Lady said Yes! I tried to explain to her why Isaac and I both were staring at her little girl. I shared with her that we are in the process of Adopting a little girl from China also, the Lady's jaw dropped and she said it's funny because i just felt like i needed to speak to y'all {ok, we have never laid eyes on this woman before} I knew that at that moment that God had put her there in the parking lot at Target for us, for encouragement, hope & the strength that we will need to get through this Adoption. She asked what Agency we were going through and we told her and she said that they had friends that were with the same agency adopting a little girl from China also. We told her that we had switched agency's because we found a different program that we knew was for our family. We told her that we were Adopting a Child with Minor needs and she told us that little Abby in the back seat is special needs {are you kidding me!} She said that when they put in for a SN child that after several months thy recieved there picture of Abby and were told that she had a tumor in her back but she said that they had a peace and knew that this was there daughter so they excepted. When they traveled to China to get her several months later they were told that Abby was paralized from the waist down {she was 17 months old}.
Since they had turned in there LOA {letter of Acceptence} to the time that they traveled to bring there sweet little girl home the tumor in Abby's back had grown and had put pressure on her spinal cord. She said that they were shocked to hear this news, {that is not someting that anyone wants to hear about there child} but that they new that God had given them this little girl for a reason. She has been home with her Family for 1 year now and has had 3 major operations to remove the benign tumor, her left Leg is still paralized but Praise the Lord she is able to walk with braces and with the help of a walker. She is able to go to the restroom now on her own and is an active little girl. Isaac & I were so excited when we got into Target that we kept looking at each other and saying that was AWESOME!!!!
It is an Awesome feeling when God puts people in your path and you can feel his presence.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to "Little Belles and Bows"

I hope you like what you see! I am working on alot of other things for an upcoming craft show that i am really excited about working this year.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I have started making Flower headbands and Flower Kufi Caps, to help with our Adoption Expense. I am working on posting some photos at My New Etsy Store. Once I get things finished this weekend I will post My store name. I hope you all will check it out.

This is just a few of the things i have in My Store.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hospital Visit!

Here are a few pics of My Mom's hospital visit!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Walking the Walk! He's Everywhere, He's Everywhere!

Easton has been an official walker for several weeks now.

I think he decided at Grayson's birthday party after watching his friend Emmie walk all over the house that crawling was for the birds.

Poor Football didn't last long before Easton took a huge bite out of it!

I think he is going to be a ball player!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Keeping ourselves entertained!

We went to Jackson last Thursday evening, My Mom was having surgery to have a rod put in her leg Friday morning @ 5:30am.
We have made that 3 hour trip so many times this year that i think we are starting to get used to it now, but we still have to keep ourselves entertained.
Grayson & Brayden would let me snap pics of them all day if I would, but Easton starts to get a little annoyed with the flash after a while. LOL!

My Goofy Boys! I would Love to know what Easton was thinking!

Easton was OVER the Flash!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still playing Catch up! Grayson's Birthday!

We celebrated Grayson's 7th Birthday this month. He had a Cars Birthday party {Again} this year.

He had a blast at his party, we had alot of our family come from out of town this year so it was alot of fun.

Here a just a few pics of the day!

Grayson's Lighting McQueen cake that I made!
{I was up decorating this cake until 3am the morning of the party!}

He was so excited to get his Red Nintendo DS!

Grayson & some of his cousins & friends!

Grayson's gifts!!!