Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About My Boys!!!

As you can imagine, having three boys is not a piece of cake. They can completely wear you out in no time. But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Grayson is always coming up with funny stories to tell & he loves to sing and play the guitar( although we are not always sure of what he is playing on the guitar, he is learning and loves it.)

He will be playing ball this spring for the third year and he likes gymnastics and loves math. He is Sweet, Loving, Caring and VERY!!! protective of his little brothers. ( although he and Brayden fight like cats and dogs alot ) he will still tell you that he and Brayden are best friends.

We were having a conversation the other day and asked the boys what they wanted to be when they grow up and Grayson said that he wanted to be a Worker like his Daddy( I don't think he knows that Isaac draws blueprints of navy ships all day) but Isaac thought that it was awesome that Grayson wanted to be like him (in Graysons words) when I get big.

Brayden is our little artist he loves to draw( he amazes me with some of the things that he draws). He is always coming up with something to do or to get into. He just celebrated is 5th Birthday (hard to believe that he is about to start kindergarten.) He loves bugs and anything to do with exploring(playing in the dirt). He told us awhile back that when he gets big he is going to be a scentist, and then last week he told us that was going to be a scentist and a clown( so as you can imagine we are now a little worried about the clown thing LOL.) but I guess we have told him to stop clowning around so much that we have planted a seed in his mind that he would be a good one. He got a Drum set from his Shashi(not real sure where the name came from) & Poppy's and Aunt Candi for his birthday and LOVES!!! it. So now with Grayson and his guitar and Brayden with his drums we have very noisey nights at our house but I am glad that my children love music. Brayden will also be playing ball for his second year, he also likes gymnastics and loves spending time on the porch swing drinking coffee( watered down) with his Poppy's and Shashi as does Grayson. He is also a very Loving, Caring & Sweet.

And Easton, he is a VERY!!! Happy baby. He had a Very!!! rough start, He was born 36 weeks(which is not too extremely early, Brayden was born at almost 34 weeks and had a few health problems but is now really healthy) Easton was a BLUE!!! baby, as with any birth you are waiting for that first cry, well Easton did not cry, after several attempts to stimulate him he finally let out a little whimper, but we were told that something was not right (but first our nurse whom we love dearly let me hold him for about 1 minute until he stopped breathing) and then he was taken to the NICU, There we found out that he had wet lung and several other problems so we did not get to touch him or hold him until he was three days old (when you touched him or when the nurses or doctors moved him he would stop breathing. So, as you can imagine having a baby and not having any idea as to what is wrong with him is very, very hard. His nurses are awesome and when he was three days old I was able to feed him his second bottle (thanks to his Nurse Amy) of course he was still in the NICU so I didn't get to hold him, His Nurse held his little head up and I got to hold the bottle, but i was just happy to be able to feed him. He had several episodes in the hospital when he would stop breathing which were VERY!!! scary. But Thanks to all of the prayers he was able to come home with us after a week in the hospital. It was scary being told that you could not take him home until you took a CPR class. So we took our class and were able to bring home with an Apnea Machine, He has had several Apnea episodes but the older he gets the less Apneas he has. We went for his 6 month checkup this week and he is doing GREAT!!! he is 18 lbs. and 28 inches long, He is TRULY a BLESSING!!! as is Grayson & Brayden. He will continue to use the Apnea Machine until he is at least 9 months.
I have been BLESSED! beyond measure.

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