Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*UPDATE* on My Mom

I took my Mom for her 1st Radiation Treatment today, she did Great! She was worried(of course, who wouldn't be) When she went last week to meet with the Radiation Doctor they had to make a mask that she will have to wear during her treatments( ok, for starters my Mom can not stand to have anything over her face or even close to her face) they had to make a mold for the mask so she had to wear it for 30 minutes until it dryed. Like I said before, when she goes for her treatments she will have to wear the mask and then they strap her head down to the table which she is not happy about. But she did it today and survived. Well all I have to say is that I praise God that Homeschool is soooo! flexible, I had to take the boys (yes, all 3) to the Cancer Center today and since her appoinment was during school hours we took the school work with us, they have a great setup at the doctors office with dining tables and chairs so we just made ourselves at home and had school. The boys also enjoyed the coffee/slushes bar.
She made through day 1 of Radiation wonderfully so know she only has 19 more to go.(Yes, She was told that she would only have 15 treatments but today they said that she would in fact have to have 20 treatments, in Moms words, what is 5 more.
Please continue to Pray for my Mom and My Dad and if you don't mind the rest of us would appreciate your Prayers also.


Kelli said...

I'm glad your mom's treatment went well today. If it starts to get hectic and you need a babysitter when you going to treatments just let me know. I am home most of the time {except next week while we are in DISNEY!}.

Jennifer W. said...

Hey...I found this on AOL's main page-it was in an article about cutting medical costs. Maybe it's worth a try!!

"Insurance companies negotiate deep discounts of up to 60% with hospitals, doctors, labs, etc. When you don't have insurance or something isn't covered, you end up paying full price. But it doesn't have to be that way. The key is to ask for a discount. Insurance companies get as much as a 40% to 60% discount, so ask for that first. According to a survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center, only 31% of Americans have even tried to negotiate their medical bills; of the ones who have, though, 93% were successful in getting a discounts, so go for it! Just make sure you talk to the right person."