Saturday, January 24, 2009

When we are weak, HE is Strong!!!

On Tuesday, January 6 th 2009, Our world was changed. My Mom was going in to have a cyst(or so we thought) removed that had come up on her forehead while we were on vacation the week before Thanksgiving. She had gone to the doctor the week after Thanksgiving and she had an ultrasound and we were told that it was cyst but that they wanted her to see a Plastic Surgeon , so the appointment was made and she went for the visit and was scheduled to return on the 6 th of Jan. for the procedure. We were not even expecting anything more than she would have two black eyes and a scar on her forehead. But instead what we got was that when they went in to remove the cyst it was not what they were expecting . My parents were told that it was a tumor and that part of it was fused to the bone, the doctor was only able to remove part of it and was going to send it to pathology. He told my parents that he was pretty sure that it was going to come back that it was cancer. My mom called me when they left the appointment and I asked how the procedure went and she said that it was more than we thought that it was going to be, I asked what she meant and that is when she told me what the doc told her. It is like a REALLY BAD!!! dream. For anyone that has ever had cancer or knows someone that has it, it is one of the worst things that you will ever hear about someone that you love. I talked to my brother and sisters and I think we were all in a state of shock. The doctor had told my Mom that it would be at least a week before they would have the biopsy results back but he wanted to go ahead and schedule her to see an Oncologist but it was likely going to be a week or more before they could get her in. On Wednesday (the next day) They called with a preliminary report and said that it was Cancer but they were not sure what kind. My Mom called to tell me about the report and it was like our world continued to crumble more. My mom called my sister to tell her and when my sister got off of the phone she was telling a friend of my family that she works with about it and told her that they were going to try and get her in with the Oncologist the next week so our friend called her sister who works with one of the BEST Oncologist on the coast and they asked if my mom could be there at 12:00 that day ( Blessing # 1 ) My Parents went for the appointment with Dr. Angel, and the Doctor said that based on what my mom had told her about the cyst and the biopsy report that she believed that it was going to be Lymphoma (cancer of the Lymph Nodes) or Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow) but she was leaning toward Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow). Isaac (my husband ) took the day off(because mommy was in no shape to take care of three kids). Next to my Husband, My Mom is my BEST!!! friend. My sister and I talked about that we both had the thought that when we woke that morning that we were going to realize that it was all a REALLY BAD! dream, but it was not. My Mom is an Extremely!!! strong woman that trust her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! and knows that there is a reason for everything. The week passed very slowly, The Oncologist called and wanted My Mom to come in on Friday( Blessing # 2)(that they got her in so fast) for a skeletal x-ray(to see if the cancer had spread) and a bone marrow test(if it was in the bone marrow then they would know that it was Multiple Myeloma. My Mom, Dad & Myself went for the appointment and My Brother and Two sisters came as soon as they could get there. My Brother & I went in with my Mom for the Bone Marrow test( that is an awful procedure) but my Mom did GREAT! through the whole thing. On Friday night we all (My Mom & Dad, my family (5) my sister Karen's family (3) my sister Candi (1) and my brother Chris's family (6), there are a lot of us). all spent the evening together at parents house. On Sat. was Brayden's(my son) Birthday Party, I was so excited that my Mom was able to come to his party ( she wouldn't have missed it for the world). On, Sunday the 11 th, Our church had a prayer & annointing service, Our pastor said during his prayer that he felt like the Lord was healing her at that moment. On Wednesday the 14 th, My Mom went to the Oncologist for the diagnoses, we were all(Dad, myself, brother, two sisters & my Aunt who is a Nurse Practitioner) were able to go. The Poor Doctor was in shock at how many people we had in that little room LOL. We were told that it was Multiple Myeloma(cancer of the Bone Marrow) but Praise God! it is localized(it has not spread)(Blessing # 3) to the one spot on her forehead. We were told that they did see something on the skeletal x-ray, they saw a spot on her Right lung, but they would do a chest CT Scan later. They wanted to start her on several medications, blood thinners(people with Myeloma have thick blood), steroids, and Thalidomide.
She started taking the steroids on Thursday the 15 th, she takes 10 steriod pills a day for 4 days and then she is off for 4 days and then she starts all over again. On, Wednesday the 21 st she went for the chest CT Scan. On Thursday, the 22 nd she went to meet with the Radiation Doctor, She will start the radiation treatments this coming Wednesday the 28th, she will have 15 radiation treatments(5 days a week for 3 weeks). She also saw Dr. Angel the Oncologist when she was meeting with the R.D. and asked about the chest scan and she was told that the spot that they saw on the x-ray was just scar tissue( Blessing # 4) but they would do a follow up chest CT Scan in 6 months. Right now we are waiting for her to start the Radiation Treatments (to shrink what is left of the Tumor). From what the Oncologist has told us she should be in Remission in 4 to 6 months and then she should be ready for a Bone Marrow/Stem Cell transplant (pryor to starting Chemo they will take the good stem cells out and freeze them until she is finished with the Chemotherapy).
I apoligize for the long post but, But I thought this would be a great way to tell My Moms story. We really Appreciate your Thoughts and PRAYERS!!!

Note: Due to My Parents not having Medical Insurance. If you would like to help Donations can be made at any Singing River Federal Credit Union Branch under account #87398009 or At any Century Bank Branch under account # 1939016

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