Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!!!

Our Little Man Easton in his First Ride!!! (actually it is a Build A Bear car)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Things Kids Say!

Well, I got a phone call at about 6:00pm this evening from my husband and he said, Hey I am going to be a little bit late and I asked why and he said, well i kind of had a wreck(ok who kind of has a wreck. Anyway!) I asked if he was ok and he said that he was but that the Durango was not in to good of shape, so I asked if he needed me to come pick him up and he said yes since he didn't want to wait for an hour or more for a tow truck and he wasn't sure if the truck would make it home in one piece. So, I called my parents to tell them dinner would be a little late ( I take dinner to parents most nights since my Mom has been sick) so My Dad said he would come sit with the boys while I was gone( I was hoping I would not be gone long since I was leaving my dad with 2 very active boys and a sleeping baby(a baby that if he had woke up while I was gone my dad would not have had a clue as to how to unhook his Apnea machine) and dinner in the oven. So long story short the durango made it home in one piece (we think) Ha! Ha!
So tonight My hubby was trying to get the boys out of the bathtub and I heard Grayson our 6 year old say Daddy do you not know how to drive, then he prceeded to tell his Dad that when you need to stop all you have to do is push on that brake thing and it will make you stop ( I was laughing my butt off in the other room ) It was really funny to hear a 6 year old explain to his dad what he possibly could have done to avoid a wreck. Anyway! I am VERY! glad that my husband and the other guy involved are both ok! SORE, but ok.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009