Monday, March 2, 2009

I did Not! pray that it would rain Saturday so that t-ball would be cancelled even though it was the first practice of the season, I wouldn't do that since my boys were so excited to be playing ball again this year.
I did Not! joke with (pick on) my hubby for wrecking his durango (after i found out he was ok, of course) tuesday because it was Not! just 3 years ago almost to the day that he had a fender bender and messed up his truck. I would Not! give someone a hard time for something like that. I also did not joke with him that if I did not like my van in 3 years i would let him take it to work. That would be wrong,(i was just joking).
I am Not! so OCD that I would start making a list of things to take on vacation since vacation is still 31 days away, because that would be crazy.
I also was Not! a little put out when my husband told me Not! to start packing our suitcases for vacation even though we are probably not going to wear our summer clothes here in Miss. before we go on vacation. ( i was just trying to get head start).
Well, that was My first attempt at Not Me Mondays!


Wayne said...

great not me mondays

He And Me + 3 said...

I am so OCD too, that I would be making a similiar list. LOL
You are too funny. I pray for rain during tball season too. :)

Jennifer W. said...

Great Not Me! Monday! I see you've been working on your you need a pic of you and Isaac! The date night ones were really good!