Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Chain Gang!

My prayer request
My Mom ( Martha Barrow )
She was diagnoised with Multiple Myeloma Cancer on January 6th 2009, She has just finished radiation treatments last week and will hopefully be able to have a Bone Marrow/Stem Cell transplant this summer.


Konnie said...

Also Please Pray! that the Lord will open up doors for us to be able to pay for My Moms Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant. My parents do not have insurance and we (my family) have to pay for this transplant up front which is more than we can do on our own but we know that we serve an AWESOME GOD who is able.

Jennifer W. said...

We will keep praying, of course. You can go back and add all that into your actual blog if you want...just click on the little tools in the bottom corner of your post. Thanks for what you said in your comment on my blog. You are my best friend as well, and I am truly thankful to have you. God knows exactly the people we need in our lives. :) BTW-did you read the post before my Not Me! Monday? It has a beautiful poem in it that has moved me more than I can say!!

Morgnmc said...

I will definitely be in prayer this week for your family... especially your mom. You have already been facing this difficult time with such grace; it is obvious how much you are leaning on God. This will undoubtedly be a testimony to others who may be facing these same challenges or who will face a parent's illness in the future. As you said, we do serve an AWESOME GOD...I know he has great plans for your family!

Alicia said...

Konnie...will definitely be praying for both those things!! God can make a way when there seems there is none!!

And btw..thank you for the tip w/ the forks! I'll have to remember that!!