Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday! ~Stellan Style~

I did NOT Pray all week last week for a family that I have never met.

I did NOT tell my family & friends about Stellan MckMuffin and ask them to pray for a baby and a family that they do not know.

I did NOT put a note on my facebook account last week asking friends that i have not seen in years to check out MckMama's blog and to pray for Stellan.

I did NOT feel awful that, I live so far away from MckFamily that i am lost as to what i could do to help them. (Except Pray of course!)

I do NOT feel completly stressed out for MckMama and PC. I can not begin to imagine what they are feeling .

I am NOT racking my brain for a Great Stellans Name in Pictures post.

(Except I am going to see Mickey Mouse Friday so we may have take a pic with Mickey).

I did NOT e-mail people a link to mycharmingkids blog.

I did NOT look at my 3 Beautiful, Healthy Boys(for the most part) over the past week and Praise the Lord that My children are Healthy.

I did NOT go to bed every night for the past week praying for MckFamily and Praying that when I checked in the next Morning I would find out that Stellan had been Healed.

I also did NOT Hug my children alot tighter this week and learn to appreciate them Alot more.

I am NOT trusting that Our Wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ CAN and WILL heal this Beautiful Baby Boy.


He And Me + 3 said...

You said that perfect..I think we all feel the same way and are praying super hard for that family and baby boy.

Tracy said...

Great not me monday. I cannot beging to imagine what this family is going through. I have been praying for them too.

Laura said...

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