Monday, April 27, 2009

It was a "CRAZY" week.

I took Easton for his 9 month checkup last Tuesday, He was 20lbs. and 29 3/4 inches. He has been doing Great over the last 2 weeks, and has recovered from the RSV.
Thursday, I took Grayson & Brayden to the doc for there 6 year and 5 year checkups, Poor Grayson has not grown any in the last year (they think it is because of his Asthma meds). But other than that he is in Great health, They did another Diabetis test on Brayden and Praise the Lord it came back normal, they also did a hearing test and we found out that he does not have hearing loss (he in fact has selective hearing like his Daddy!) JK!. No, the nurse came in all serious and said I hate to tell you this (Ok Scare me to death why don't you)but Brayden has selective hearing.)But anyway he is in perfect health.
Then we were back at the Doc on Friday with Easton who has yet another double ear infection. I was really hoping since this is his 3rd ear infection in a month and a half that She(the pedi) would recommended doing tubes but no such luck, she wants to wait a little longer.
We went to Relay for Life friday night in honor of My Mom, I was so excited that she was able to walk the survivors walk and we were able to walk with her as her caregivers. It was a Great night to be able to Celebrate with My Family.

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