Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a Vacation!!!

>We are home from Vacation, we got home around 2am monday morning.
Just wanted to show you alittle of what we did this past week.

>No! Easton did not drive and he did not ride in Isaac's lap on the way to Disney on Friday! This was one of our stops to let Easton out of his car seat to stetch out.

Saturday we went to Cocoa Beach Fl. and spent some time on the beach, Isaac and the big boys all got there 1st surf boards, they were all so excited. Grayson and Brayden love the beach. Easton was content to sit on a blanket with Mommy while I soaked up some rays.

Poor kids they could not see anything with the sun in their eyes.

They begged Isaac to bury them in the sand.

I don't think he could get any sweeter!

He is Too Cool for his own good!

At Downtown Disney!

>Sunday we went to Magic Kingdom!p>

This is before he started coughing so bad( you can see the watery look in his eyes).

Brayden on Buzz Lightyear Ride. (our favorite ride)

Babywearing is wonderful!

Sunday Easton started coughing and then Sunday night his cough changed, I called the pedi. and they told us to get him albuteral for his breathing treatment and so off we went to find a 24 hour pharmacy @ 1:30am. We got the meds and headed back to the resort got the big boys back in the bed and gave E his meds, within a few minutes of his breathing treatment his breathing changed, so Isaac called the triage nurse @ the resort and they called an ambulance, it took about 3 minutes and they were there and checked him out and said that his oxygen levels were really low ( his levels were 76) so they rushed him to Dr. P.Phillips hospital in Orlando. He was given 2 treatments in the ambulance and did not respond to them. That was one of the scariest & longest 10 minute rides of my life. They started an iv and did more treatments and gave him a steriod shot and his oxygen levels finally started to go back to normal, but they wanted him to go to the childrens hospital, so as soon as they were able to get a room ready he was transferred to Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital in Orlando. I was told @ AP that he had tested positive for RSV. I was shocked because we are so careful with him after all of the problems he had birth.

Long story short I was at the hospital with Easton and Isaac was at the resort with G & B because Grayson And Brayden were not allowed on the floor because E was in isolation. Lets just say I creid alot. It is awful to have a sick baby but it is even more awful to have a sick baby, be 9 hours from home, be seperated from your husband and kids andnot have anyone there to help so I could come to the hospital and bring anything to me. I relized shortly after we got E setteled that I had no wallet it was in his diaper bag at the resort so i had no money so as you can imagine i was stressed, worried, tired, hungry, and had an awful headache. all I have to say is WHAT A VACATION!
I really appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers! you all have no idea how much it meant to us to know that so many people were praing for our little man.

Easton and his poor little arm with his iv( they had his whole arm wrapped to keep him from pulling out his iv)

The boys in the lobby of Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital( this was an amazing hospital)

He was released Tuesday afternoon and we were so excited to be back together.

We did get to go on with our vacation so here are a few more pics of the rest of our week.

I just had to add this pic for Mimi @ He & Me plus 3

The boys and I in Tinker Bells Garden

I don't think we got a single pic of Easton looking @ the camera, he was so amazed by the characters.

My friend Bridgette made these Super Cute Outfits for the boys!

Easton snozzing @ Animal Kingdom!

Brayden and Ethan (my nephew) My brother and his family came down on Thursday (to bad they were not there the first part of the week).

The Boys ( My niece Brittney was riding Everest with Uncle Isaac)

My 3 Baby's!


Tracy said...

cute vacation pics.

He And Me + 3 said...


Other than Easton being sick, the vacation sounded wonderful and the pictures are so cute. So glad that the baby is better and that you still had time to enjoy your trip. Love the Outfits with the Mickey Ears...so cute!
Thanks for the Dunkin Donuts sign....I haven't had mine yet today, so I am wanting one really bad now:) You are too sweet to think of me:)
Thanks for sharing your vacation with us...your family is just beautiful!

Kelli said...

Great pictures!! Those outfits were really cute! It sounds like, despite everything else, ya'll still had a great time!

Jennifer W. said...

Such cute pics! I'm glad things turned out fine in the end...I wish we could have been there to help out when things got so bad! One more reason we should have gone! I love how excited Easton looks about the characters-it's super cute!

Anna said...

I found your blog through Seth's. Your boys are adorable. And I'm sorry to hear that your littlest one got sick while on vacation! I love the mickey mouse outfits with their names on the shirts. And that outfit made me melt..the overalls your baby was wearing at the beach! Where did you get those with the matching hat?! LOL. Beautiful family.

Sydney said...

Im so glad you had fun maybe some day we can all take a trip to Disney World!

Sydney said...

Oh and sorry to hear that poor Easton got sick i hope that it was Ok.

The Ranew Family said...

Hey girl. Looks like you guys had so much fun. We took Elizabeth last May when I was pregnant with Natalie and had so much fun. I am jealous you are getting to go again so soon. I am so sorry that Easton had to go the hospital though. That had to have been scary for you. I am so glad he is better though. Miss you guys.