Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am So NOT! Excited about NOT ME MONDAY!!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am NOT! so glad to have Not Me Monday's back.

I am NOT! Happy that Baby Stellan and MckMama are back with there Family.

I Did NOT! tell Grayson that I loved his choir t-shirt and tell him that i wished that i had ordered one for myself, and he did NOT turn around and tell me that He could get me one because he has connections.

We did NOT! ask the boys where they wanted to eat tonight after church and they did NOT! say Burger King, so we did NOT! head toward BK only to have our van run hot on the way and we did NOT! call my dad who had just got home from church and get him to bring us some water for the van. Isaac did NOT! make the comment that we would NOT! be able to go to BK so we would have to go home and find something to eat and Grayson did NOT! say Daddy do we not have to live and we did NOT! look at each other like our sweet 6 year old had lost his mind and say what are you talking about and he did NOT! say Don't you have to eat to live. We did NOT! crack up!

I did NOT! put a cute white hair bow in Baby Easton's hair just so I could see what our little girl, (if we ever have one) might look like,(I would NOT! do something like that, it could scar my little boy for life.)HEHE!

I did NOT! have a Great time spending my Birthday with My Family, We Did NOT! go grocery shopping on My Birthday. Yah!

I am NOT! TOTALLY looking forward to going out this weekend with our Best Friends Paul & Jennifer. We DO NOT! ever have a great time with them when we go out, and We DO NOT! act like a bunch of kids even though we are all in our 20's (ok, NOT really we are all in our 30's).

I DID NOT! go dress shopping again this weekend even though I have 7 new dresses in the closet with tags still on them just because I wanted to spend birthday money. (because i am always wise with how i spend my money).


Jennifer W. said...

LOL...Grayson may just be the comedian in the family! He's too funny!! We're excited about Saturday night too! I SOOOO need a night out! I'm glad you had a good birthday. :)

He And Me + 3 said...

You are both so lucky to spend time together with each other...have fun with jennifer and paul.
Kids say the funniest things. Crackin up at the "he has connections" line. Too funny.

Kelli said...

Great Not Me's!! I'm glad it is back too!! I'm glad you had a good birthday...Happy Late Birthday!!