Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Please Say a Pray for Easton!

We had a Nerve racking night last night with Easton, He had 3 Apnea Episodes during the night.
I called the Doctor after the 1st episode and while I was waiting on the Triage Nurse to call back he had 2 more episodes, the 1st time Isaac got to him before I did and he turned the Apnea Moniter off and said that the moniter showed that his BrPM {breathes per minute} were 16 BrPM, but the Apnea Alarm was going off, but we checked him and he seemed to be ok. I went to call the Doc. and while i was waiting on the nurse to call back, the Apnea Alarm went off the 2nd time, this time I took off running and got to him the same time Isaac did, we checked him it was dark in the room other than the light in the bathroom being on, but from what i could tell he did not look blue when i got to him, the machine read that his BrPM were 4 {breathes per minute},
We again checked everything and within a few minutes of laying him back down he had the 3rd Apnea this time it was 5 BrPM, I was freaking out, the nurse finally called back and said since he had recovered from the Apnea's, that instead of taking him to the ER she would just call Our Pediatrician and see what she wanted us to do. The Nurse called back and said since he had recovered from the Apnea's that we should just stay at home and watch him closely and that if he had another Apnea episode to call them back, luckily he did not have another one, but the Doc also wanted me to call and have the home health nurse come out and download the machine and have the information sent to her which they are supposed to do in the morning {so that means no sleep for me tonight} so our Doc will be getting the download information tomorrow and if it was a true Apnea {which the nurse thinks it was due to the Apnea alarm and Low Heart rate alarm going off}, we are going to be Requesting {DEMANDING}a refferal to a Pediatric Cardioligist to see what is going on, We have asked several times before for them to explain what is causing the apneas and low heart rates and have always gotten the same answer that with Easton being premature, the part of his brain that tells him to breathe is immature, {but come on he is 10 months old and is developing normally, so what is the problem} I am tired of being scared to put him down to sleep at night, I am tired of worrying if something is wrong with him and I am scared to Death that he is going to have an Apnea Episode sometime and that He is not going to recover from it.
Please be in Prayer for Him and for Us!
I will try & post when we hear something from the Doctor.


He And Me + 3 said...

I can't even imagine your fear. I will be praying.

The Ranew Family said...

Oh, Konnie. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I had no idea Easton was still on a monitor. I will be praying that everything is ok with him and that he will have no more episodes. I miss you guys, too!!

Karen said...

I'm praying

Jennifer W. said...

Goodness! Please let me know if you need anything! If you need someone to keep the boys, just call. No matter what time it is!
We will be praying!

Kelli said...

I hope tonight is better than last night! Hopefully they will be able to tell you what is going on with Easton...maybe it's just the machine!

Tracy said...

We will be praying for Easton. Hopefully you will get some answers soon.