Friday, May 15, 2009

"Update" on My Mom

I would like to thank all of you that have been praying for My Mom and Our Family, We Covet your prayers. I am sorry that i did not post yesterday about what all we found out about my mom, But this what My Mom's treatment schedule will be.
They did a Chest x-ray yesterday, Labs, & EKG.
In the next month she will have several test done {pulimonary function test, EKG and several others}. but she will be able to have all of these test done here at home so at least she will not have to be traveling every week to and from Jackson.
In 1 month from now{on a thursday) she will go back to University of Mississippi Medical Center, on Friday she will be admitted into the hospital she will undergo 1 round of Chemo and on Saturday she will have a Nuprogen shot{it builds up the stem cells} they will watch her sat and as long as she handles the chemo and Nuprogen shot well she will be able to come home the same day. Then starting on Sunday someone will have to give her {probably me} a Nuprogen shot once a day for 9 days.
We don't know how soon after she takes her last Nuprogen shot that they will call for her to come back to Jackson, they said it could be 1 to 2 weeks.
When they call for her to return to Jackson she will be in Jackson for 1 to 3 day, during that time she will have another Bone Marrow aspiration{which she is dreading more than anything right now}, but they will also start harvesting her Stem Cells which will take 1-4 hours a day{they withdraw the stem cells through her IV}. They say that since she has not had Chemo that there is a chance they could get all of the stem cells that they need on the 1st day but if not she would have to come back the 2nd day and or until they get all of the stem cells that they need . When they have finished harvesting the stem cells they will freeze them until time for the transplant. She will come home.
Again we don't know how long before they will be ready for her to come for the transplant {they have 12 unit facility at the hospital where Mom & Dad will stay so they will have to wait until they have room open for them, but we think probably just a week or two}
When it is time to go back to Jackson, She will be there in the Hospital for 1 month, The 1st day will be getting them settled and then the 2nd day they will start the extensive Chemo treatments, she will have 2-10 days of Chemo. They said the week that you are on the Chemo is not bad but the week after the Chemo is AWFUL they told her that she will be extremly sick but she will be on antibiotics and Nausea meds from the 1st day in the unit. During the 2nd week {her sick week} she will have the Stem Cell transplant {they say this is the easiest part}. Then she will remain in the unit for another 2 weeks for monitering to make sure that the Stem Cells are growing & attaching like they are supposed to. When the month is up {as long as everything goes as planned} she will come home.
There is a 100 Day time frame from the day she goes into the hospital that she will bascially be in isolation, they said that there is a list a mile long of things that she can not have or do, some of those are {no fruits or vegtables, no pets{funny since she has a little fluff ball dog in the house, so guess who gets to keep the dog? yep! you guessed it, or at least until Grayson's Ashtma starts acting up since he is highly allergic to dogs}{no visitors, we are not sure if we will be able to be around her or not}, and about a thousand other things. Once she reaches the 100 day mark she will get to start adding a few things back into her routine. It will be after the first of the year before she will be able to get out and go. Which is going to be really hard on her and on Dad.
She has a really long road ahead of her but we Know that the Lord has got his hand on her, and that he will be there every step of the way.
She has been so blessed that everything has gone so fast starting with that 1st oncologist apponitment, & We have been blessed with such a Wonderfull medical staff taking care of Our Mom!
Please contiue to Pray for Her {Martha Barrow}, for our family, and for the medical staff that will be taking care of her.
And i just wanted to say Thank You to Jennifer, for coming to get us the other night when my van decided to take a breather on the side of the road.
And Thank You to all of my IRL blog friends who have supported me and been there for me this last year, i could not ask for better friends, you are all AWESOME and a gift from God.
and Thank you to my blog friends, for people that i have never met face to face you mean alot to me, I pray for you daily and even if we never meet her on earth i know that one day we will meet in Heaven and we are going to have a blast when we do.


Kelli said...

I'm glad everything is going well. Hopefully the summer will fly by, and your mom will be doing wonderful by the end of all this!! I still need to get the number for my friend who's dad just did that treatment! It sounds exactly the same....100 days and all! I think she said her kids weren't allowed to be around her dad for that 100 days, which was SUPER hard!! Keep us updated and let us know if you need anything!

Karen said...

thank you for the update! I know Mrs. Martha has a rough road ahead of her, but I hope she knows just how many people are praying for her. Every single day I think & pray for her. I truly hate she is having to go through this, but God has a plan and hopefully through this someone will see just how much faith ya'll have in God and it just might bring someone to know HIM! We love ya'll!

He And Me + 3 said...

Wow...that is alot to take in. I will keep her in my prayers.

Tracy said...

We will be praying for you and your whole family. It won't be easy but know that God is there when you need Him and so are we. Just let us know if there is anything that we can do.