Thursday, June 25, 2009

Only Two Months Behind!!!

I was tagged by IRL friend Kelli @ Random Thoughts of a Supermom about 2 months ago.
So here it goes.
I am sorry Kelli that i am just getting around to this but things have been a little busy around here and this takes alot of thinking and my poor brain has been on overload lately.
Thanks Jen for reminding me to do this.
Remember, if you already did one of these, just
put a link to it!

8 is Enough

8 Things I am looking forward too...

1. My Mom's transplant being over and her starting to get back to normal.

2. Isaac not having to work so much.

3. Getting our Baby Girl from Asia.

4. Going with My Hubby and Boys to play at the waterpark next week.

5. Going to Belly Dance saturday with Jennifer & Chik-Fil-A {so please don't eat cereal sat morning Jen.}Lol!

6. Going to spend the day with friends Sunday.

7. Going on Vacation this fall{Paula Deen here I come}.

8. Having Family pictures made this weekend and looking forward to having Family pictures made with Our Family of 6 including our Baby Girl from Asia hopefully next year.

and an extra one...


8 Things I did yesterday...

1. Woke up early {well 8am is early to me}

2. Went shopping with My Mom and My Boys.

3. Bought Birthday gifts for 5 of my Family members.

4. Took some gowns to a friend for her to fix for My Mom.

5. Cooked Dinner for My Family.

6. Checked on My garden and picked a few veggies that had not burned due to our 18 days with out rain.

7. Played on My Computer until 1:00am

8. Went to Bed.

8 Things I wish I could do...

1. Play the guitar.

2. Sew really well.

3. Be really organized.

4. Hire a Maid. LOL!!!

5. Have the nerve to sing solo, I traveled and sang with My Family for 22 years. {Gosh i'm getting old}.

6. Keep my house spotless.

7. Take Great photos.

8. Start My own buisness.

8 Shows I enjoy...

1. Jon & Kate plus 8 {well until recently}

2. Extreme Home Makeover.

3. Friends.

4. The Bachelorette.

5. The Secret Life of an American Teenager.

6. 18 Kids and Counting.

7. American Idol.

8. What I like about you.

8 Friends I tag to play along too...

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4. MiMi @ He & Me +3.

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6. My New Friend Leigh @ One Day at a Time. {the girl has great taste just look at the title of our blogs and we are both trying to Adopt.

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8. My IRL Friend Tracy @ Simply Smith.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY! Easton's cute crab clothes!!!

{Cute Crab Jon Jon & Patty Cake}

{Rollin' them up}

{Dancing a jig}

Saturday, June 20, 2009

11 Years ago Today!!!

11 years ago today I Married By Best Friend. I have been really blessed with a Wonderful Loving Husband. He is a Great Dad to our 3 Little boys and I could not have asked for a better soul mate.

This is just a few pictures from Our Wedding.

{Man those were the days, I weighed all of like 97 lbs.}

When i got these pics out to scan I noticed how young we looked.

The Funny part is, is that when we arrived at our hotel that night for our Honeymoon, the guy at the desk would not give us our room key, even though our room had already been paid for.

He asked for my I.D. and of course it was packed in my suitcase or well in one of my suitcase's HEHE!!!

Anyway he asked how old i was, which i thought was a little odd, so then he told us that i would have to show ID or we could not stay at this hotel{which Isaac had already paid for}.

So Isaac said you don't understand, We are on our Honeymoon, and the guy had the nerve to laugh and say, yeah right!

The guy asked for our parents phone number and said he would have to call and verify.

to which I said {I DON"T THINK SO}.

So long story short we went out and unpacked my suitcases and i did not have my ID, But we did find our Marriage License.

So needless to say we did get our hotel key. But we really should have gotten an apology and a discount, but we didn't. But it was fine because we were married and we were on our honeymoon and that was all that we cared about.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mom Update!

My Mom went to Jackson yesterday and had Pulimonary Lung Function test today, the nurse said she did great on the lung test but that they will not have the final report back until Monday.
So after the Lung test they went to meet with the Transplant coordinator @ University of Mississippi Medical, she had to sign all of the release forms for the transplant and Talked with her Doctor{Dr. Bigelow}, We have been making a list of questions for the Doctor, so we were glad Dr. Bigelow came in to see her today. They also took My Parents to see what is going to be there home away from home for a month, from what My Mom has told me the unit is set up really well, other than my dads bed that he will be sleeping in for the month will not really be a bed but a recliner, so we are going to have to ask if there is anyway that they can get him a cot or if we can bring in an areo bed or cot of our own.
My Dad has done GREAT since we found out about my mom's cancer, but he has got to get his rest because he himself suffers from a chronic illness, he was formally diagnosed 5 1/2 years ago {about 2 weeks after I had Brayden} with Multiple Sclerosis. If he gets to stressed or does not get enough rest he will have another attack and end up back in the hospital again, and that is not what My Parents need right now.
But anyway this is what the schedule looks like.
She will go to Jackson on Thursday, July 9th. She will check in to the hospital early friday morning July 10th, they will start her on iv fluids, she will be on them for 2 hours and then they will start her on meds to help condition her Kidney's because the Chemo that she will be on is really hard on the kidney's, she will be on these meds for 24 hours, at the same time they start the meds for the kidney's they will start her Chemo it will take about 3 hours for the iv chemo. She will remain in the hospital over night {Saturday July 11th}, Once her 24 hours is up with the meds for her kidney's they will give her a nuprogen injection{which is to help the stem cells to release, then she will come home.
She will have the nuprogen injections for 9 days at home starting on sunday the 12th, And guess who gets to give her the injections{ya! you guessed it, ME}. She will go to her Oncologist in Mobile on Mon, Wed & Fri. to check her blood count. The Doc told her that she would likely have flu like symptoms and feel really bad and that her hair would fall out with the first round of Chemo, She will also not be able to be around anyone{other than the shot nurse{Me} and My Dad} for that week because of her blood counts being so low, but i will have to wear a mask and gown just to give her the shots. But when she goes for the blood count on friday they said that her counts should be really high so as long as they are were they need to be she will leave that same day and head back to Jackson for the Harvesting of the stem cells, Which will be on the 17th of July.
We {Isaac, the Boys & I} will be going then to stay for a few days, the harvesting will be out patient so the hospital will put them up in a hotel for the time they are there. The harvesting will take 1-3 days for about 4 hours a day, but since her blood counts are back up she will be able to be out and around us. Once they have gotten enough stem cells she will come home for 2-3 weeks to recuperate from all that she has already been through.
Then she will go back to Jackson sometime around the 1st of August for the 1 month stay in the hospital, We did find out today that the boys {Grayson, Brayden & Easton} will be able to go in to see her but for a short period of time while we are there. I was really worried about the boys not being able to see My Mom because thay are used to seeing her several times a week and also for My parents because thay are so attached to the boys.
My Mom and I have talked about the fact that My Dad is very attached to me and the boys so it is going to be really hard on him to not be able to see them every few days, on top of all of the other stress that he will be dealing with. But we will be going up every weekend to see them. Once her 1 month in the hospital is up she will come home for at least 70 days of isolation. During that time we will have to get used to talking to her through the window and she will have to get used to watching the boys play in her backyard, but as long as she is getting well, we will do anything we have to do.
I know you all have been Praying for My Parents. But please continue to lift them up in Prayer because we are really just getting started with all of this and it is going to be a very long road. We really do appreciate your prayers.
And for my IRL friends I will probably be calling on you alot for support during the next several months so I hope you are ready to go have some fun playdates. LOL!!! No, I guess it is really just starting to hit me that i am going to be going without My Mom for awhile and i don't really like the idea of that but i guess i am going to have to deal with it. Or like My Aunt would say
"Put on your Big Girl Panties and deal with it".
So i guess i will.
Sorry about the long post.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Please pray for My Mom, she is in Jackson for a Lung Function test tomorrow. She will also get to tour the unit that will be her and My Dad's home for a month while she is having her Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant. She is also supposed to get her schedule tomorrow for the dates that she will have her Chemo and the harvesting of the stem cells and then finally her transplant.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday! Summer Style!!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. Head on over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


I did Not! spend all of last week waiting {not so patiently} for the A/C guys to come fix our air in our house.

I was Not! a little aggrivated that it was in the 80's in my house last week and the A/C guys could not figure out what was wrong with our A/C.

I Did Not! rush around saturday morning to get everyone dressed and ready to go to meet My Hubby at the shipyard where he works for family day only to get there and find out that the line to tour the LHD 8 ship that My Hubby did some of the Design work on for the Navy was about 4 or 5 hours long and I did not tell my hubby that there was no way that i was standing in line for that long when i had already planned on going shopping for Easton some new church clothes. And I also did Not! bribe my boys with a new toy {like we need more toys in the house} if they would not be upset that we leave the family day early. Nope, Not me. Iwould never bribe my children.

We did Not! make a mad dash to pick up Easton from my parents house and run to Mobile to go shopping for clothes. I did Not! spend ALOT of money on some really CUTE clothes for Easton and some really expensive sandles thanks to his fat little feet. Lol!!!

But He did Not! look too stinkin cute Sunday morning in one of his new jon jon's and white sandles.

It was Not! as HOT as hades! in our house when we got home from church sunday, so hot in fact, that we did Not! spend the rest of the afternoon outside in the pool and on the waterslide.

Easton did Not! completely LOVE the water.

He did Not! have a blast until he was attacked by an ant, he did Not! have 14 ant bites under his arm. I did Not! feel awful that the poor baby got attacked by the spawn of satan ant.

He was Not! all better after some Benedryl spray, hydro cortisone creme, bottle and a nap.

We also did Not! get our A/C fixed today, after 2 weeks of burning up. i am Not! so excited to go to bed tonight in a nice COLD house. Because last night it was 87 in here.

I was Not! a little {ok alot depressed} to go buy Easton's birthday party stuff this weekend, I am REALLY!!! Not! looking forward to My Baby turning 1.

I am Not! really looking forward to my Belly Dance class starting Saturday, it is Not! a great workout and a whole lot of fun.

I did Not! manage to do my new Shred workout one day last week only to be sore for several days {ok i am still alittle sore}, No really, Not Me! i am in great shape and could so move right on to level 3 with no problem. JK!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!!

Well, I know some of you may be wandering{or you may not be but I am going to tell you anyway} Lol!
I mentioned a few post ago that We {My Hubby and I} have been feeling the Lord leading our Family in a new EXCITING direction well that new direction would be:
The Lord has layed Adoption on my heart a long time ago, it was something that i thought about almost on a daily basis and prayed about.
Isaac and I had MANY discussion's about it, and Isaac always had his reservations about it.
Before we got pregnant with Grayson we went through a really hard time when we lost our first baby to miscarriage, we were both absolutely devastated, we at the time knew of no one that had been through a miscarriage other than My Mom with her first baby{back then you were not encouraged to talk about that kind of stuff}. So we felt completely lost and alone{or at least I did}.
But anyway we had several conversations about adoption back then because I was terrified of losing another baby. But we both still really wanted to have a child of our own if it was the Lords will, well as you know it was the Lords will for us to have children of our own and we were Blessed with 3 Beautiful Sweet Little Boys, Grayson, Brayden & Easton, and we could not be more Happy with what the Lord has given us.
We always wanted to have at least 4 kids if it was the Lords will.
Even as a little girl I always wanted 4 kids of my own {well actually 6 kids, I wanted the Brady Bunch it was my favorite show lol!} But I always dreamed of having 1 little girl. I have always been a Momma's girl so that is what I wanted.
About a year and a half ago Isaac said he too felt like Adoption was something that he now felt like we needed to pray about.
Well when we found out that we were expecting, we prayed that the Lord would show us what he wanted for our lives and that if he wanted us to adopt a little girl that he would bless us with another beautiful little boy, and well he did He gave us an amazing Little boy that will melt your heart with his pretty blue eyes and his big somewhat toothless grin {and of course his Awesome head full of hair}.
We have prayed and sought what God wanted us to do and prayed that if it was his will for us to adopt a little girl that he would open the doors for it to happen and that he would give us the smarts to know that he was opening them.
Well just in the last few months we have felt the call and prayed and we know that the Lord is opening the doors and leading us to Adopt our Little Girl. I don't think that I have ever been so at peace with anything, i have always been the kind of person that likes to know what is going to happen and i LOVE to plan things out. But i am just excited to sit back and give it God and let him take us where he wants us to go. {not that he needs me to tell what to do or where we want to go}. But he is working in us and in Our Family, The boys are really excited about having a little sister{Brayden asks if we can get 5, and I stopped myself the other day before i told him NO! because you never know what the Lord will call you to do.HaHa!} But God is working in us and the doors are opening.
We have found an Agency that has several offices in our area and we have talked to alot of people and are going to an Adoption seminar June 23rd that the agency asks that you go to. Easton our sweet baby will be 1 on July 8th {it seems unreal} but we are going to turn in our application on July 9th. The reason we are waiting until July is that your youngest child has to be atleast 1 year of age. So our youngest turns 1 on the 8th and the paperwork will be sent on the 9th.
We are going through the China program and are SO Excited about bringing a Beautiful Chinese Little girl HOME! We have been talking and praying with our pastor and we went before our church family this past Sunday and told them what the Lord had laid on our hearts and asked for them to please be praying for our family during this time. But we have also felt like the Lord is calling us to Adopt a waiting child{children with special needs minor-severe} we will wait upon the Lord to tell us which.
Our pastor told in church Sunday that we are following God where he leads us and we are praying that if he decides to close the doors for any reason that we will except it and know that if it were his will for us to Adopt that it would happen and if not we know that that will also be his will.
We might not understand it but we trust him.
Please Pray for Our Family, it will be a long road and an expensive road but God will provide what we need to get there.
I love all of you guys and cherish your friendships.

{If you have a minute take a look at this video and when it is over say a prayer for all of the children that deserve a loving home.}

"For you have not received spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, Abba! Father!" Romans 8:15.

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY! Fun in the garden!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. Head on over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


I Did NOT! turn a little lazy this week, and take a week off from finishing up Brayden's bedroom.

I Did NOT! spend an entire week researching something very important to us on the internet this past week and spend just as much time talking on the phone, when I was not taking My Mom to the Doctor.

I also Did Not! hate that the Boys & I were NOT! able to go to VBS this week.

I Did NOT! have a great time thursday taking my boys to pick tomato's and eggplant.

and I Did NOT! get a kick out of watching Grayson & Brayden playing in the garden and picking tomato's. I Did NOT! tell Brayden that he was Crazy when he got excited about our tomato picking and started telling people that we were going to start making our own ketchup, WHATEVER, I would rather buy it!

I Did NOT! spend the whole week with Isaac at work and just me and the boys hanging out all week and weekend. We Did NOT! go to O'Charley's and then go grocery shopping at Walmart, And We Did NOT! cause a MAJOR!!! pileup at Walmart when Grayson & Brayden ran into a stack of Special K {so if you shop at Hudson's and you like Special K you may want to check at a Hudson's near you because they are probably going to be recieving several boxes of Special K Red Berries. LOL!!! And to think we were almost finished shopping and Grayson & Brayden turned the corner with the buggy and took out the stack of cereal. { It was Hilarious too see the look on there faces, They were both so shocked they were speechless}. And the funny thing is, is that as soon as it happened i looked in my purse for my camera and remembered that i had left it on the counter at home. I would NOT! be so inconsiderate of my childrens feelings to laugh when they were so mortified. Nope! NOT Me. And to think I missed a perfect opportunity for a great picture. Oh Well, we may have to reenact it one day. {Just Kidding}!

And then after our trip to Walmart I Did NOT! get home unload everyone & everything and start peeling 5 gallons of tomatos and stew most of them and then decide to be brave and try my hand at making homemade salsa. I was NOT! canning salsa at 12am sunday morning only to still have to get everyone's clothes out and ironed for church. I am NOT! REALLY!!! excited that my salsa turned out really well.

I have NOT! always wanted to be able to make something that we could share with some of the older people in our church and in our community. I Do NOT! feel like something so simple could turn out to be an Amazing ministry for myself and for My Family, to be able to share something that we made with love.

I Did NOT! decide to follow in a fellow blog friends{MIMI} footsteps and go purchase the SHRED! workout video. Even though i am worried that if I get the nerve to try it I will not be able to move, But I need to try to get into shape before My Belly Dance class starts in 2 weeks.

My Hubby and I have NOT! been feeling the Lord leading our Family in a New Direction{and I don't mean salsa} and We have NOT! decided to take a step out in Faith and follow the Lord where he leads us. I will NOT! be telling ALOT! more about it in the Near Future. :)

In closing, We have NOT! been so HAPPY! :) and felt So BLESSED as we have this past week with the Path God is leading Our Family into. We Do NOT! know that we Serve an AWESOME God!

We also would NOT! really appreciate your prayers, that we would follow where he leads us.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

One of our Favorite Meals!

I decided to grill out this afternoon before Isaac got home from work: so this is what we had for dinner tonight.
I know it looks like alot of food{we really don't eat this much at one meal}, but when i fix this for dinner i always try to fix ALOT so we can eat it the next day.

Steak & Chicken Skewers{steak or chicken, onions, bell pepper, tomatos and 1 of our favorites, pickles}

Roasted Corn

Sauteed' Squash

And we even ate off of Our FINE China. LOL!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday! Summer Fun!

A Cool Father's Day Giveaway!

Go check out "The Life and Times of Mommy" for a chance to win a $15 Target Gift Card to buy your Wonderful Hubby a cool gift for Father's Day.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday!!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. Head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I Did NOT! talk My Wonderful Hubby into Repainting just about every room in our house.
I Did NOT! also start last week repainting our sunroom, and then decide that i didn't like the new brighter color with my old furniture. So then I Did NOT! go to Pier 1 and buy some new chairs to go in the sunroom, I am NOT! now completely obsessed with Pier 1.
I also then Did NOT! decide {talk or bribe} Brayden into letting me paint over his animal murals on his bedroom walls just because I am so tired at looking @ tree frogs and lizards and snakes Oh My!!!
I then in turn Did NOT! have to go to Target & buy new bedding for the boys bedrooms since there old bedding is not going to match the new paint. And when I say paint we Did NOT! take 2 little boys to LOWES and tell them to pick any color of paint that they wanted in there rooms. I was NOT! a little shocked when i started rolling Braydens paint on his walls and then go and doctor it up a little {thank the Lord I had some darker paint in the shop}
I have also NOT! been giving My Hubby a hard time because he is clearly NOT a painter{he HATES} painting. I wouldn't give him a hard time {because that would not be nice} just because every time I asked him to paint something he would say you might want to come back in here and fix this. ARGGGG!!!
I am NOT Super excited that My Hubby did in fact makeup for his poor painting skills by building benches and adding a hand rail onto our bakyard deck, and He Did NOT! do a GREAT job!
I have NOT! spent a week and a half cleaning out rooms, painting and then putting everything back together again.
I am Not tired of painting. Nope NOT Me!
I now Do NOT! have to repaint Grayson's room, the Kitchen, the Living room, hallway, and foyer. I am NOT! wishing that I hadn't had the idea to repaint.

Well that has been My NOT ME! Monday for this week, Hopefully once we are finished with my house I can get back to blogging and get things together for a really cool giveaway!!! so keep watching.