Saturday, June 20, 2009

11 Years ago Today!!!

11 years ago today I Married By Best Friend. I have been really blessed with a Wonderful Loving Husband. He is a Great Dad to our 3 Little boys and I could not have asked for a better soul mate.

This is just a few pictures from Our Wedding.

{Man those were the days, I weighed all of like 97 lbs.}

When i got these pics out to scan I noticed how young we looked.

The Funny part is, is that when we arrived at our hotel that night for our Honeymoon, the guy at the desk would not give us our room key, even though our room had already been paid for.

He asked for my I.D. and of course it was packed in my suitcase or well in one of my suitcase's HEHE!!!

Anyway he asked how old i was, which i thought was a little odd, so then he told us that i would have to show ID or we could not stay at this hotel{which Isaac had already paid for}.

So Isaac said you don't understand, We are on our Honeymoon, and the guy had the nerve to laugh and say, yeah right!

The guy asked for our parents phone number and said he would have to call and verify.

to which I said {I DON"T THINK SO}.

So long story short we went out and unpacked my suitcases and i did not have my ID, But we did find our Marriage License.

So needless to say we did get our hotel key. But we really should have gotten an apology and a discount, but we didn't. But it was fine because we were married and we were on our honeymoon and that was all that we cared about.


Jennifer W. said...

I wish the pics were bigger! You were too skinny, girl!! Congrats on 11 years!! May you have a lifetime together!

Leigh said...

Congrats! I hope you have a wonderful night with your husband!

That story is keeper, one day you will be telling your grandkids that one! :)

Mandy T said...

I would have been ticked if I was asked for my ID. But that is funny. Congrats on your 11 years

Karen said...

Konnie, girl, you were too skinny!!! Great pics and funny story!:) Congrats on 11 years of marriage (in todays time that's like 100 years). Rainer and I will be married 11 years come August!! Woo Hoo!!

He And Me + 3 said...

wow. I think i last saw 97 in like 5th grade. LOL
You are so cute. What do you weigh now. a whoppin 100? You are skinny! So stop.
Fun to look back and that hotel story is hilarious!
Happy Anniversary.

Tracy said...

Both of you look so young. I can see why the guy at the hotel would ask for ID. That is too funny. Congrats on 11 years!!!