Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mom Update!

My Mom went to Jackson yesterday and had Pulimonary Lung Function test today, the nurse said she did great on the lung test but that they will not have the final report back until Monday.
So after the Lung test they went to meet with the Transplant coordinator @ University of Mississippi Medical, she had to sign all of the release forms for the transplant and Talked with her Doctor{Dr. Bigelow}, We have been making a list of questions for the Doctor, so we were glad Dr. Bigelow came in to see her today. They also took My Parents to see what is going to be there home away from home for a month, from what My Mom has told me the unit is set up really well, other than my dads bed that he will be sleeping in for the month will not really be a bed but a recliner, so we are going to have to ask if there is anyway that they can get him a cot or if we can bring in an areo bed or cot of our own.
My Dad has done GREAT since we found out about my mom's cancer, but he has got to get his rest because he himself suffers from a chronic illness, he was formally diagnosed 5 1/2 years ago {about 2 weeks after I had Brayden} with Multiple Sclerosis. If he gets to stressed or does not get enough rest he will have another attack and end up back in the hospital again, and that is not what My Parents need right now.
But anyway this is what the schedule looks like.
She will go to Jackson on Thursday, July 9th. She will check in to the hospital early friday morning July 10th, they will start her on iv fluids, she will be on them for 2 hours and then they will start her on meds to help condition her Kidney's because the Chemo that she will be on is really hard on the kidney's, she will be on these meds for 24 hours, at the same time they start the meds for the kidney's they will start her Chemo it will take about 3 hours for the iv chemo. She will remain in the hospital over night {Saturday July 11th}, Once her 24 hours is up with the meds for her kidney's they will give her a nuprogen injection{which is to help the stem cells to release, then she will come home.
She will have the nuprogen injections for 9 days at home starting on sunday the 12th, And guess who gets to give her the injections{ya! you guessed it, ME}. She will go to her Oncologist in Mobile on Mon, Wed & Fri. to check her blood count. The Doc told her that she would likely have flu like symptoms and feel really bad and that her hair would fall out with the first round of Chemo, She will also not be able to be around anyone{other than the shot nurse{Me} and My Dad} for that week because of her blood counts being so low, but i will have to wear a mask and gown just to give her the shots. But when she goes for the blood count on friday they said that her counts should be really high so as long as they are were they need to be she will leave that same day and head back to Jackson for the Harvesting of the stem cells, Which will be on the 17th of July.
We {Isaac, the Boys & I} will be going then to stay for a few days, the harvesting will be out patient so the hospital will put them up in a hotel for the time they are there. The harvesting will take 1-3 days for about 4 hours a day, but since her blood counts are back up she will be able to be out and around us. Once they have gotten enough stem cells she will come home for 2-3 weeks to recuperate from all that she has already been through.
Then she will go back to Jackson sometime around the 1st of August for the 1 month stay in the hospital, We did find out today that the boys {Grayson, Brayden & Easton} will be able to go in to see her but for a short period of time while we are there. I was really worried about the boys not being able to see My Mom because thay are used to seeing her several times a week and also for My parents because thay are so attached to the boys.
My Mom and I have talked about the fact that My Dad is very attached to me and the boys so it is going to be really hard on him to not be able to see them every few days, on top of all of the other stress that he will be dealing with. But we will be going up every weekend to see them. Once her 1 month in the hospital is up she will come home for at least 70 days of isolation. During that time we will have to get used to talking to her through the window and she will have to get used to watching the boys play in her backyard, but as long as she is getting well, we will do anything we have to do.
I know you all have been Praying for My Parents. But please continue to lift them up in Prayer because we are really just getting started with all of this and it is going to be a very long road. We really do appreciate your prayers.
And for my IRL friends I will probably be calling on you alot for support during the next several months so I hope you are ready to go have some fun playdates. LOL!!! No, I guess it is really just starting to hit me that i am going to be going without My Mom for awhile and i don't really like the idea of that but i guess i am going to have to deal with it. Or like My Aunt would say
"Put on your Big Girl Panties and deal with it".
So i guess i will.
Sorry about the long post.


He And Me + 3 said...


I am sorry that you have to be dealing with all this at one time. I will be praying. So glad you have so many IRL friends to call on.

Jennifer W. said...

We're here anytime. Just call, and we'll go play or whatever. And of course, we'll continue praying!

Tracy said...

It sounds like you mom has a long road ahead of her. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I'm glad your mom's visit went well yesterday! Let me know if you need anything in the next few weeks before she leaves! We will have to hit the park or the new splash pad soon!