Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday! Summer Style!!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. Head on over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


I did Not! spend all of last week waiting {not so patiently} for the A/C guys to come fix our air in our house.

I was Not! a little aggrivated that it was in the 80's in my house last week and the A/C guys could not figure out what was wrong with our A/C.

I Did Not! rush around saturday morning to get everyone dressed and ready to go to meet My Hubby at the shipyard where he works for family day only to get there and find out that the line to tour the LHD 8 ship that My Hubby did some of the Design work on for the Navy was about 4 or 5 hours long and I did not tell my hubby that there was no way that i was standing in line for that long when i had already planned on going shopping for Easton some new church clothes. And I also did Not! bribe my boys with a new toy {like we need more toys in the house} if they would not be upset that we leave the family day early. Nope, Not me. Iwould never bribe my children.

We did Not! make a mad dash to pick up Easton from my parents house and run to Mobile to go shopping for clothes. I did Not! spend ALOT of money on some really CUTE clothes for Easton and some really expensive sandles thanks to his fat little feet. Lol!!!

But He did Not! look too stinkin cute Sunday morning in one of his new jon jon's and white sandles.

It was Not! as HOT as hades! in our house when we got home from church sunday, so hot in fact, that we did Not! spend the rest of the afternoon outside in the pool and on the waterslide.

Easton did Not! completely LOVE the water.

He did Not! have a blast until he was attacked by an ant, he did Not! have 14 ant bites under his arm. I did Not! feel awful that the poor baby got attacked by the spawn of satan ant.

He was Not! all better after some Benedryl spray, hydro cortisone creme, bottle and a nap.

We also did Not! get our A/C fixed today, after 2 weeks of burning up. i am Not! so excited to go to bed tonight in a nice COLD house. Because last night it was 87 in here.

I was Not! a little {ok alot depressed} to go buy Easton's birthday party stuff this weekend, I am REALLY!!! Not! looking forward to My Baby turning 1.

I am Not! really looking forward to my Belly Dance class starting Saturday, it is Not! a great workout and a whole lot of fun.

I did Not! manage to do my new Shred workout one day last week only to be sore for several days {ok i am still alittle sore}, No really, Not Me! i am in great shape and could so move right on to level 3 with no problem. JK!


Jennifer W. said...

Cute pics! At least the kids are enjoying outside since inside is so miserable! I hope they actually got it fixed this time!!

He And Me + 3 said...

You were cracking my up. Sorry about the AC. That stinks. I have that problem in my van. Stinks to be hot and sweaty.
Sorry about the shred. It kicks my butt all the time. I am supposed to start level 3 tomorrow. I am afraid.
Good luck with the belly dancing class. How fun.

Leigh said...

So glad you commented when you found my blog! Your boys are adorable and I am crazy excited about your precious girl coming home! I love finding new people that are adopting :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I'm glad you finally got your AC fixed! It has been SUPER hot around here! Looks like the boys were having a great time on the waterslide!

The Ranew Family said...

Hey girl. Adorable pics. My mom just took belly dance classes and she loved it. Elizabeth saw your pics and said, "I want to go play there." We should set up a playdate sometime since we both stay home. I would love to catch up!! Anyway, I am so glad your AC is fixed now. I know that was miserable. Talk to you later.

Tracy said...

Glad to hear your A/C is fixed. That slide looks like alot of fun especially if you are forced to stay outside.

Jennifer W. said...

Hey, I've got something for you over at my blog!! Come see!

Alicia said...

Okay..I'm tripping you own that waterslide??? That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how fun..belly dancing!!!