Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. Head on over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


I Did NOT! turn a little lazy this week, and take a week off from finishing up Brayden's bedroom.

I Did NOT! spend an entire week researching something very important to us on the internet this past week and spend just as much time talking on the phone, when I was not taking My Mom to the Doctor.

I also Did Not! hate that the Boys & I were NOT! able to go to VBS this week.

I Did NOT! have a great time thursday taking my boys to pick tomato's and eggplant.

and I Did NOT! get a kick out of watching Grayson & Brayden playing in the garden and picking tomato's. I Did NOT! tell Brayden that he was Crazy when he got excited about our tomato picking and started telling people that we were going to start making our own ketchup, WHATEVER, I would rather buy it!

I Did NOT! spend the whole week with Isaac at work and just me and the boys hanging out all week and weekend. We Did NOT! go to O'Charley's and then go grocery shopping at Walmart, And We Did NOT! cause a MAJOR!!! pileup at Walmart when Grayson & Brayden ran into a stack of Special K {so if you shop at Hudson's and you like Special K you may want to check at a Hudson's near you because they are probably going to be recieving several boxes of Special K Red Berries. LOL!!! And to think we were almost finished shopping and Grayson & Brayden turned the corner with the buggy and took out the stack of cereal. { It was Hilarious too see the look on there faces, They were both so shocked they were speechless}. And the funny thing is, is that as soon as it happened i looked in my purse for my camera and remembered that i had left it on the counter at home. I would NOT! be so inconsiderate of my childrens feelings to laugh when they were so mortified. Nope! NOT Me. And to think I missed a perfect opportunity for a great picture. Oh Well, we may have to reenact it one day. {Just Kidding}!

And then after our trip to Walmart I Did NOT! get home unload everyone & everything and start peeling 5 gallons of tomatos and stew most of them and then decide to be brave and try my hand at making homemade salsa. I was NOT! canning salsa at 12am sunday morning only to still have to get everyone's clothes out and ironed for church. I am NOT! REALLY!!! excited that my salsa turned out really well.

I have NOT! always wanted to be able to make something that we could share with some of the older people in our church and in our community. I Do NOT! feel like something so simple could turn out to be an Amazing ministry for myself and for My Family, to be able to share something that we made with love.

I Did NOT! decide to follow in a fellow blog friends{MIMI} footsteps and go purchase the SHRED! workout video. Even though i am worried that if I get the nerve to try it I will not be able to move, But I need to try to get into shape before My Belly Dance class starts in 2 weeks.

My Hubby and I have NOT! been feeling the Lord leading our Family in a New Direction{and I don't mean salsa} and We have NOT! decided to take a step out in Faith and follow the Lord where he leads us. I will NOT! be telling ALOT! more about it in the Near Future. :)

In closing, We have NOT! been so HAPPY! :) and felt So BLESSED as we have this past week with the Path God is leading Our Family into. We Do NOT! know that we Serve an AWESOME God!

We also would NOT! really appreciate your prayers, that we would follow where he leads us.


Jennifer W. said...

Great not me monday! I almost posted about praying for your family in your new direction in my not me monday post, but decided I'd better wait until you talked about it yourself first!I wish i could say the salsa looked great, but, well, you know how I feel about tomatoes!! LOL!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Sounds like you had a SUPER busy week! I will have to watch for that Special K...the red berries is one of my favorite!!

Tracy said...

Great Not Me's. The Salsa does look good. Delk acutally just mentioned that we should try to make our own salsa yesterday. Too funny. And I can't wait to hear wait your family's new direction involves and we will be praying for you as you follow Him.

He And Me + 3 said...

That salsa looks so awesome. I love homemade salsa. Just wonderful. Maybe you could give some away on your blog. you better start the shred now my friend if you don't want to be sore for your class. I was sore for 4 days...4 count them. WEll, you are probably in better shape than no worries. I am loving it though 20 minutes of hard core workout and I am done for the day. Works for me. I feel changes starting to happen too. Feels good.
Are you all going into the ministry? I will pray.