Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playing Catch up!

There has been a whole lot going on around here lately.

For starters, Easton our sweet baby boy turned 1 on the 8th of July.

So here are a few pics of Easton's 1st birthday party!

Easton's Monkey Cake that I made for his Birthday!

Easton's New birthday wheels!

We also went to Gulf Islands Waterpark for a day of fun! And we had a blast!

We have also had alot going on with my Mom in the last few weeks.
While we were in Jackson last weekend we took the boys to a Science Museum, that night i was staying with my Mom at the hospital so i needed some time with all 4 of My Boys.
I think Grayson was trying to copy the fish.{but hey at least we got a pic with us all looking at the camera}.

Grayson & Brayden trying to decide where we should go next.

My Mom came home from the hospital last Thursday so My Mom & Easton racing had a great time racing around the house!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Caring Bridge

If you get a chance and would like to leave My Mom a message you can visit her Caring Bridge site @ http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/marthabarrow

Even though some of you may not know her it is nice to see who is praying for her.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a Week!

We have had 1 crazy week!
My Mom had her 1st round of Chemo last weekend and went this past week to have her bloodcount checked several days, well the Doc told her that she would probably feel ok until about Wednesday and then that would be her bad day but Wed morning she woke up and said that she felt better than she had felt in weeks so we were praying that the Doc was just going to be wrong and she wasn't going to get sick, Well the Doc was right Thursday night shortly after she went to bed she started to feel bad and started running fever.
I took her to have her bloodcount checked Friday morning and she was so very sick, her blood count was 0.1 which was very very low.
I called the Transplant coordinator in Jackson and could not get in touch with her so we called the Transplant unit at the hospital because of the fever and they called Mom's Hemotologist and told her that Mom was running fever and they called me back shortly and asked how fast we could get to Jackson, I told them the it took 3 hours to get there and they said to get there as fast as we could, so My sister came and picked Mom & Dad up while I packed for them and us and then we headed to Jackson.
We arrived at the hospital Friday evening and they started her on antibiotics, I have never seen someone have to take SO MANY antibiotics in such a short period of time, She would finish 1 iv antibiotic and they would come hook up another one, we asked why she was taking so many antibiotics and they said that she would have to have EVERY antibiotic on the market so that they could try to knock out whatever it was that was causing her fever.
She has been a trooper this past weekend, She was so very sick and with all of the meds that she was on and all of the side effects from the chemo she has done great. Her fever broke around midnight Saturday night and the vomiting stopped soon after, Her blood count also jumped over night sat night it went from 0.4 to 17.7 which is awesome.
She was able to have the port put in her neck Monday evening and they did her 1st round of harvesting the stem cells this morning and Praise the Lord! they were able to get all of the stem cells plus some in 1 round instead of the 3 rounds they had planned on so she was released tonight from the hospital but is staying in Jackson tonight.
So I am so Excited that they will be home in the morning.
My Hubby & and I and the boys got home around midnight last night so that Isaac could go back to work today. So I have been busy today trying to get there house back in order before they get home tomorrow and my house back in order.
Please Continue to Pray for My Mom & Dad {James & Martha Barrow} because after this past week we now have an idea as to how bad this next chemo and the actual transplant are going to be.
We Really appreciate All of your Prayers.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Please Say a Prayer for My Mom!

I am getting everything ready to leave shortly to head to Jackson. My Mom's bloodcount has dropped dangerously low, and the Doctor is afraid that she may have an infection. She was up all night running fever and sick.
We will make the 3 hour drive to Jackson and be staying there for the weekend and on into next week.
I talked to the transplant Nurse earlier today and she said that Mom's WBC {white blood count} was too low and that it would probably not come back up as high as it needs to be by Monday.
They had thought that her bloodcount would come down some by this past Wed. and then by this morning it would be back up to were they needed it to be for the harvesting, but her WBC did not drop Wed. it dropped this morning, and it dropped to much, so she will not be able to do the harvesting of the stem cells until the WBC comes back up.
I will try to update later this evening after we get her in her room and settled.
Please Pray that whatever this is that is making her blood count drop so low and and the causing the fever will get cleared up VERY quickly and that she will not have any more setbacks.
I love you guys! and really appreciate your Prayers!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mom Update! part 4

My Mom has had a very busy week this week, But I Thank God that My Brother and Sister have been able to help out this week with taking Mom to the doctor to have her bloodcount checked since she had to leave at 7:30 am, and all of My IRL friends know me well enough to know that i am not a morning person, Lol! {I can stay up until all hours of the night but please don't expect me to be able to function in the early am.}
My Mom has been having alot of pain in her left knee so she went for an MRI this morning, thinking that she had maybe pulled something or torn something. Well this afternoon the transplant coordinator at University of Mississippi Medical called and said that Mom's oncologist had faxed her the results of the MRI, and said that the problem with her knee is that she has lesions on her knee {2 small holes and 1 large hole} they said that it was a wonder that she has not broken her leg yet. {Just to clarify Multiple Myeloma is cancer of the bone marrow, it basicly
eats holes in your bones until they are so weak that they break}, which is the problem with my Mom's knee. So as far as we have been told, Mom will still go to Jackson either Friday or Monday{when her bloodcount is the highest} for the Harvesting of her stem cells, and then when she comes home she will go to an orthopedic surgeon, They said that she would more than likely have both Radiation on her knee and Surgery to put a metal rod in her leg. But because of this set back she will not be able to have her Bone Marrow/Stem Cell transplant until she has this knee issue taken care of. So now we are back to waiting, it is really discouraging because she was getting so close to being able to have her transplant and now this, but God knew this was going to happen and he has a plan and a timing for everything.
Please continue to keep My Mom {Martha Barrow and My Dad James Barrow} in your prayers.
We really covet your prayers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mom Update! part 3

Well Guys! I have great news, My Mom was able to come home this afternoon. But she did not have a very good day, she started getting sick a little after 9 this morning and vomited most of the morning and had an awful headache, they had given her several things for the nausea but she was not able to keep any of it down. But they asked her if she wanted to just stay the night tonight and she said NO! she wanted to go home, so they went ahead and gave her the Nuprogen shot before she finished her fluids and at 4:00pm she was released form the hospital.
She did Great on the 3 hour trip home this evening, she made the whole trip without getting sick, so we are all really excited about that.
I went over to Mom & Dad's when they got home and helped get her in the house, and she seems to be doing good, I stayed for a couple of hours and we had a great talk { i am REALLY going to have a hard time when she is in the hospital for the month} Dad went to bed and i got Mom ready for bed and left. I don't really like the idea of leaving her tonight since she was so sick today even though Dad is there but When she tells you 20 times that she thinks that she is going to be ok, and that she doesn't think she needs anyone else to stay with her, What do you do? 1. insist that you stay against her will 2. respect her wishes and go home and tell her to call you anytime hour of the night if she needs anything. Well I chose #2 and I hope it was the right decision but i guess if she needs anything she will call me and i can go over{ i do just live in the next house}.
I really appreciate all of your prayers and your friendship, I look forward eto checking my blog just to see all of the encouraging comments that you guys leave.
Although most of my followers are my IRL friends, I hope that one day i will get to meet other blog friends in person, you guys are totally Awesome!

Mom Update! part 2

I talked to My Mom several times yesterday and she sounded very upbeat and said that she was feeling fine. Grayson and Brayden wanted to call and talk to there Shashi last night before bed {Brayden didn't make it, he crashed before we called her}. Grayson talked to her for awhile and Easton listened to her talk to him, {which is too funny, because he hears her but he looks all around the room and he looks at the phone and back at me, {like i hear her but where is she.}
We told her goodnight and that we would talk to her this morning.
Well i didn't want to call to early this morning in case she and Dad were sleeping, so i called her about 11:00am and she answered and did not sound very good,
she sounded really groggy and weak, i asked if she had gotten any sleep last night and she said that she was not able to go to sleep until 8 this morning{so that means that she has not had any sleep since Wednesday night} I asked why she had not gotten any sleep and she said that she had been up all night vomiting { i know, gross} and had an Awful headache.
Yesterday they started weighing her every 6 hours just to make that she is not retaining to much fluid from the drip they have her on {like i said in my last post, she will be on iv fluids to condition her kidneys for 24 hours} and checking her labs also every 6 hours.
Well she told me this morning that overnight she had gained 11 pounds, {YES! you heard me right, 11 Pounds} they said that the headache & nausea was probably from all of the fluids that she is retaining.
But Mom said that by 8 this morning she was starting to get rid of some of the fluids and the headache was getting better. She was supposed to come home this afternoon but now I am starting to wander if that is going to happen now.
So please contiue to keep her in your prayers.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mom Update!

Please be in prayer for My Mom {and the rest of our Family} this weekend. My Mom is in University of Mississippi Medical Center this weekend, she is having her 1st Chemo treatment today and will be having the 1st of 10 Nuprogen shots tomorrow. Please pray for peace and strength for her today.
As long as she does well with the Chemo and the Nuprogen shot tomorrow then she will be able to come home tomorrow afternoon. Once she is home she will go to Mobile Monday, Wednesday, Friday & next Monday to have her blood count checked, Wednesday she will not be able to have any visitors because that will be when her blood count will be at it's lowest but we are praying that by friday when she goes in that her BC will be back up and if it is then she will leave immediatly to go back to Jackson for the Harvesting of her stem cells.
My Hubby and I and the boys will be going with My Parents back to Jackson for the Harvesting. We covet your prayers!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Year Ago Today!!!

One year ago today, I was laying in a bed at Providence hospital looking like this:
I had gone to the doctor on Monday the 7th of July, and was told that I was in early labor. Your Daddy and I went out to eat and were told to be back at the hospital at 7:00pm to be admitted, My blood pressure was up a little, but we were a little suprised because it was not even close to time for you to be here.
On Tuesday the 8th of July,

We Welcomed a Beautiful Baby Boy into Our Family, after a very easy and fast Labor & Delivery
you were born at 1:02pm weighing 6 lbs 4oz. and were 19 1/2 inches long
you were 4 1/2 weeks early & you were so tiny.
And you looked like this:

I was able to hold you for maybe a minute and then they nurse realized that you had stopped breathing, the Doctor grabbed you from me and took you to the bassinet and they put you on oxygen, I have never been more scared in my life. After they put the little oxygen mask over your tiny little face you started to breath.
Your Daddy and I had no idea what was going on, but we knew that you were in great hands.
We knew that you were very blue, The Doctor told us that you had alot of bruising but that you were not breathing like you should be so they were taking you to the NICU.
We were so worried about you.

They had taken you to the NICU for observation and after a little while on oxygen you were breathing better. A Nurse and very Dear Friend of Ours Mrs. Marcia came in to see us and we told her what we knew was going with you {which was very little} and I told her how much I needed to see you and to know that you were ok, she went out to find out how you were doing and a few minutes later she came in rolling a little bassinet into the room with the most beautiful baby boy in it. She said you were breathing ok but they were going to keep you in the NICU for awhile to moniter you, but that she knew that we needed to see you and to hold you, but she would have to stay in the room with us as long as we had you in case you stopped breathing again.

Your Daddy ran out to get your brothers and Poppy's and Shashi, and they came in to see you. We let Brayden hold you first, he held you for just a second and then Grayson got to hold you, which didn't last long because you stopped breathing again and Mrs. Marcia rushed you back to the nursery.

It was a very long week, I can speak for Your Daddy and I by saying that that was the longest week of our lives. All of your Aunts and Uncles and Cousins were there and of course your brothers and your Poppy's and Shashi. They all stood guard outside of the nursery so they could let me know what was going on with you.

At about midnight the night you were born we were finally told that we could go to the nursery to see you, we were SO Excited, Your Daddy and I came to see you and this what we saw:

You were and still are so sweet!
I have never had such a mix of emotions, we were SO Happy that you were here, but we were so worried about you, and so scared that something would happen to you.
We were not able to touch you for a few days because when someone touched you, you would go into respiratory distress. So we spent many hours standing by your bed praying over you, and waiting for the time that we would come to the nursery and they would hand you to me. You had Great nurses, Nurse Amiee and Nurse Sherry were Awesome and of course all of the doctor's that checked in on you.
I would get up after your Daddy would fall to sleep at night and go to the window and look in on you and if they were not working on a baby I would come in the nursery and just stand by your bed.
I can not forget one of the times i walked into the nursery to check on you when your Daddy was asleep and Nurse Amiee was getting your bottle ready and before I knew it your Daddy was standing behind me {I promise i tryed to be quiet when i left the room, not that he didn't want me going to the nursery to check on you but if I had my say i would have been in the nursery all of the time and with my blood pressure still high i was supposed to be in the bed, not standing up all day.
But i remember him coming up behind me and asking if you were ok and I said yes and he asked if I was ok and I said "I would be if they would let me hold you" and Nurse Amiee said well i think i can make that happen, that was the best words i think i have ever heard. We couldn't take you out of the incubator so we held your little head up and fed you.
This is the 1st time I got to feed you:

After several days in the NICU you were able to come to be with us in our room for 2 hours at a time, We were so glad that we were able to hold you when we wanted to.
You had several episodes the day you were able to come to our room where you stopped breathing. I was also released from the hospital that same day, but we had a wonderful doctor that let us stay in an extra room until you were able to come home. After alot of Prayers you were able to come home on an Apnea Machine which you still wear to this very day but now you only have to wear it when you are sleeping or when we are traveling {anytime that my eyes can not be directly on you}. Your big Brothers were so excited to get to see you and to hold you!

You are nothing short of a Miracle and We Thank God for you every day. We have come so close so many times to losing you and We know that God has a very special purpose for you.
We were very blessed to be able to bring you home when we did. We did have to keep you at home for 4 months {other than doctor's appointments}. It was a long 4 months but if it meant protecting you i would do it again in a heartbeat.
We Love You more than Words!

You are an Amazing Little Boy, you have the most beautiful blue eyes. You are a Big Momma's Boy[Which I LOVE!!!} You Love your Big Brothers whom you think are the 2 funniest boys in the whole world. You make the sweetest little faces at Your Shashi when you wink with both eyes and wrinkle your nose at the same time. You are a Poppy's buddy. And you get the Biggest grin on your face when your Daddy walks through the door. You say Momma, Da Da, Bubba, Hey, Bye, Haydee{Cousin Hailey}, Plop Plop{Poppy's} My My {Shashi}, You play patty cake, You are taking several steps at a time, you are a great sleeper and you are just a very content baby. You have also started this totally Adorable Fake Crying which makes us absolutly crack up.
Easton Barton Graham, We Love You and are So Thankful that God has Blessed us to be your Parents.
I Love You Baby Boy!

Our 4th of July and Birthday Party's!!!

We have had a very busy few weeks.

Thursday before last my sister, brother, sister in law, niece, and nephews came home for several days.

The cousins had a blast as always playing together.

We had missed going to 2 of my nephews and my nieces birthday party's so we had a group birthday party for them at My Parents house last Friday night.

Then we spent the day Saturday getting ready to go have family pictures made.

The pictures turned out great and we had a very nice dinner and called it a night.

Sunday after church we went to Presley's outing with our IRL Friends Kelly and her Family and our IRL Friends Mandy and her boys, we had a great time, the boys had a blast playing frisbee in the water and building sand castles with there friends. Mandy fed Easton his 1st Watermelon!

Tuesday we had a great play date with some friends in Mobile. It is nice to be able to get together with friends and just have a great time.
My friend Tracey and I and the Little boys {Easton and Landon} had a really good visit while Grayson, Brayden & Ryan played in the pool. It is always an adventure when you get 5 boys all under the age of 6 together under one roof.
We were supposed to go to Gulf Island Waterpark Wednesday for the day, but our plans quickly changed when Easton woke up at 5:30am that morning running fever and had a stuffy nose, so we ended up at the Doctor instead.

We were so happy that Isaac had a 5 day holiday Wed-Sun,

{gotta love those long weekends}.

My Dads birthday was Friday so we went out to celebrate.

At the restraunt they sang Happy Birthday to My Dad and to Easton {since his birthday is coming up this week}.

It was too cute they brought out a saddle for one of them to sit on, so as you probably guessed Easton got to sit on the saddle.

Easton loved his roll!

My brother and His family and my sister had gone back home last weekend but came back down for the day Saturday.

We had a great 4th of July, with great food {fried catfish & fried shrimp} and alot of fun.

We also had a little family birthday party for Easton since My parents are going to be in Jackson for My Mom's chemo the weekend of his big birthday party.

Then after the family all left Isaac, myself and the boys went to watch the fireworks in Lucedale.

I was suprised that Easton liked the fireworks as much as he did.

We were all talking before the fireworks show started, That 1 year ago, I was really pregnant with E and thought that we still had over a month to go before he was supposed to make his Grand entrance.

We were joking because we were not sure if he liked the fireworks then or not because that had been the most active that he had been, he kicked everytime the fireworks popped, I thought for sure that i was going to go into labor right there.

Then today we had a very relaxing day.

We took the boys to the new splash pad at our park and then came home and grilled out while the boys played in the pool, and had a nice relaxing meal on the deck.

I hope you all had a great & safe 4th of July Weekend.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Family! {Pictures, Pictures & More Pictures!}

Our Family




Grayson's 7th Birthday Picture

My Silly Man!

My Boys!

Easton thought the Photography was hilarious!

My Sweet Baby!

Me and My Hunny!

Momma's Boys!

Easton's 1st Birthday pictures!

My Sweet Miracle Baby!

I Don't think he could get any Sweeter!

Too Sweet!

He had a Blast!