Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mom Update! part 2

I talked to My Mom several times yesterday and she sounded very upbeat and said that she was feeling fine. Grayson and Brayden wanted to call and talk to there Shashi last night before bed {Brayden didn't make it, he crashed before we called her}. Grayson talked to her for awhile and Easton listened to her talk to him, {which is too funny, because he hears her but he looks all around the room and he looks at the phone and back at me, {like i hear her but where is she.}
We told her goodnight and that we would talk to her this morning.
Well i didn't want to call to early this morning in case she and Dad were sleeping, so i called her about 11:00am and she answered and did not sound very good,
she sounded really groggy and weak, i asked if she had gotten any sleep last night and she said that she was not able to go to sleep until 8 this morning{so that means that she has not had any sleep since Wednesday night} I asked why she had not gotten any sleep and she said that she had been up all night vomiting { i know, gross} and had an Awful headache.
Yesterday they started weighing her every 6 hours just to make that she is not retaining to much fluid from the drip they have her on {like i said in my last post, she will be on iv fluids to condition her kidneys for 24 hours} and checking her labs also every 6 hours.
Well she told me this morning that overnight she had gained 11 pounds, {YES! you heard me right, 11 Pounds} they said that the headache & nausea was probably from all of the fluids that she is retaining.
But Mom said that by 8 this morning she was starting to get rid of some of the fluids and the headache was getting better. She was supposed to come home this afternoon but now I am starting to wander if that is going to happen now.
So please contiue to keep her in your prayers.


Jennifer W. said...

Wow-that's extreme! I pray it doesn't get any worse and that she'll feel better. I also pray that she'll be able to come home today. It's horrible that she has to get so sick just to try and get well.

Leigh said...

still praying sweet friend!

Tracy said...

Praying she feels better and can come home.

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no. That doesn't sound good. I will keep her in my prayers so that she will start to feel better & that she will be able to come home.