Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mom Update! part 3

Well Guys! I have great news, My Mom was able to come home this afternoon. But she did not have a very good day, she started getting sick a little after 9 this morning and vomited most of the morning and had an awful headache, they had given her several things for the nausea but she was not able to keep any of it down. But they asked her if she wanted to just stay the night tonight and she said NO! she wanted to go home, so they went ahead and gave her the Nuprogen shot before she finished her fluids and at 4:00pm she was released form the hospital.
She did Great on the 3 hour trip home this evening, she made the whole trip without getting sick, so we are all really excited about that.
I went over to Mom & Dad's when they got home and helped get her in the house, and she seems to be doing good, I stayed for a couple of hours and we had a great talk { i am REALLY going to have a hard time when she is in the hospital for the month} Dad went to bed and i got Mom ready for bed and left. I don't really like the idea of leaving her tonight since she was so sick today even though Dad is there but When she tells you 20 times that she thinks that she is going to be ok, and that she doesn't think she needs anyone else to stay with her, What do you do? 1. insist that you stay against her will 2. respect her wishes and go home and tell her to call you anytime hour of the night if she needs anything. Well I chose #2 and I hope it was the right decision but i guess if she needs anything she will call me and i can go over{ i do just live in the next house}.
I really appreciate all of your prayers and your friendship, I look forward eto checking my blog just to see all of the encouraging comments that you guys leave.
Although most of my followers are my IRL friends, I hope that one day i will get to meet other blog friends in person, you guys are totally Awesome!


Tracy said...

So glad to hear that she made it home is feeling a little better!!!

Jennifer W. said...

So glad she is feeling better-hope today is good too! We will keep praying!