Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 4th of July and Birthday Party's!!!

We have had a very busy few weeks.

Thursday before last my sister, brother, sister in law, niece, and nephews came home for several days.

The cousins had a blast as always playing together.

We had missed going to 2 of my nephews and my nieces birthday party's so we had a group birthday party for them at My Parents house last Friday night.

Then we spent the day Saturday getting ready to go have family pictures made.

The pictures turned out great and we had a very nice dinner and called it a night.

Sunday after church we went to Presley's outing with our IRL Friends Kelly and her Family and our IRL Friends Mandy and her boys, we had a great time, the boys had a blast playing frisbee in the water and building sand castles with there friends. Mandy fed Easton his 1st Watermelon!

Tuesday we had a great play date with some friends in Mobile. It is nice to be able to get together with friends and just have a great time.
My friend Tracey and I and the Little boys {Easton and Landon} had a really good visit while Grayson, Brayden & Ryan played in the pool. It is always an adventure when you get 5 boys all under the age of 6 together under one roof.
We were supposed to go to Gulf Island Waterpark Wednesday for the day, but our plans quickly changed when Easton woke up at 5:30am that morning running fever and had a stuffy nose, so we ended up at the Doctor instead.

We were so happy that Isaac had a 5 day holiday Wed-Sun,

{gotta love those long weekends}.

My Dads birthday was Friday so we went out to celebrate.

At the restraunt they sang Happy Birthday to My Dad and to Easton {since his birthday is coming up this week}.

It was too cute they brought out a saddle for one of them to sit on, so as you probably guessed Easton got to sit on the saddle.

Easton loved his roll!

My brother and His family and my sister had gone back home last weekend but came back down for the day Saturday.

We had a great 4th of July, with great food {fried catfish & fried shrimp} and alot of fun.

We also had a little family birthday party for Easton since My parents are going to be in Jackson for My Mom's chemo the weekend of his big birthday party.

Then after the family all left Isaac, myself and the boys went to watch the fireworks in Lucedale.

I was suprised that Easton liked the fireworks as much as he did.

We were all talking before the fireworks show started, That 1 year ago, I was really pregnant with E and thought that we still had over a month to go before he was supposed to make his Grand entrance.

We were joking because we were not sure if he liked the fireworks then or not because that had been the most active that he had been, he kicked everytime the fireworks popped, I thought for sure that i was going to go into labor right there.

Then today we had a very relaxing day.

We took the boys to the new splash pad at our park and then came home and grilled out while the boys played in the pool, and had a nice relaxing meal on the deck.

I hope you all had a great & safe 4th of July Weekend.


Tracy said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Great pics. I didn't realize that the splash pad was open. We will have to try it out soon. It looks like fun.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Great pics! I love the one of Easton with cake everywhere! The splash pad is a lot of fun! Henry, Grant, and Eli really liked it too!

Jennifer W. said...

They finally got the splash pad open?? It looks fun! I still can't get Emmie anywhere near the water, but the other kids would love it-we'll all have to go one day! Sounds like y'all had a great week!

He & Me + 3 said...

Your boys are so cute. I love the splash park pictures. So fun. My kids had a blast running through the fountains too at the zoo last week. so refreshing.

Sydney said...

yall must have had fun. cute pics!