Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playing Catch up!

There has been a whole lot going on around here lately.

For starters, Easton our sweet baby boy turned 1 on the 8th of July.

So here are a few pics of Easton's 1st birthday party!

Easton's Monkey Cake that I made for his Birthday!

Easton's New birthday wheels!

We also went to Gulf Islands Waterpark for a day of fun! And we had a blast!

We have also had alot going on with my Mom in the last few weeks.
While we were in Jackson last weekend we took the boys to a Science Museum, that night i was staying with my Mom at the hospital so i needed some time with all 4 of My Boys.
I think Grayson was trying to copy the fish.{but hey at least we got a pic with us all looking at the camera}.

Grayson & Brayden trying to decide where we should go next.

My Mom came home from the hospital last Thursday so My Mom & Easton racing had a great time racing around the house!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Great pictures! Easton looked like her enjoyed his birthday cake! I like the one of you mom and Easton racing too...SUPER cute!

Leigh said...

Sounds like yall have been having a lot of fun, hope your mom is doing much better.

You did a great job with Easton's cake it was adorable but nearly as cute as Easton himself!

Sydney said...

Im glad yall had fun and that little Easton is one! Im soooo glad your mom is out of the HOSTPITAL!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Awww Happy Birthday Easton! Love his new wheels. He is so cute.
I love the boys matching outfits. How cute. Very sweet pictures. Glad you all had so much fun at the water park and museum.
That last picture of your mom and Easton is precious.

Sydney said...

Hay Mrs.Konnie this has nothing to do with your blog but i just wanted to ask you if you would please please come get on my blog every once and awihle i only have 2 followers and yall dont get on it
much. Thanks Love yall