Friday, July 17, 2009

Please Say a Prayer for My Mom!

I am getting everything ready to leave shortly to head to Jackson. My Mom's bloodcount has dropped dangerously low, and the Doctor is afraid that she may have an infection. She was up all night running fever and sick.
We will make the 3 hour drive to Jackson and be staying there for the weekend and on into next week.
I talked to the transplant Nurse earlier today and she said that Mom's WBC {white blood count} was too low and that it would probably not come back up as high as it needs to be by Monday.
They had thought that her bloodcount would come down some by this past Wed. and then by this morning it would be back up to were they needed it to be for the harvesting, but her WBC did not drop Wed. it dropped this morning, and it dropped to much, so she will not be able to do the harvesting of the stem cells until the WBC comes back up.
I will try to update later this evening after we get her in her room and settled.
Please Pray that whatever this is that is making her blood count drop so low and and the causing the fever will get cleared up VERY quickly and that she will not have any more setbacks.
I love you guys! and really appreciate your Prayers!


He & Me + 3 said...

Praying right now. I am so sorry to hear about this set back. Keep us posted.

Jennifer W. said...

We are praying. Y'all be safe up there and let me know if there's anything else we can do.

Maria and Family said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. Cancer is so awful....
I will add her to my prayers.
btw~your boys are soooo darn cute !!