Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Made Me A Mother!

7 years ago today.
On August 7th, 2002
@ 3:48pm
We welcomed Our 1st Born, Grayson James into Our Family!
you weighed 7lbs . 13ounces and were 20 inches long. The day before you were born, I had a doctor's app. and when i went in that day my doctor said that my blood pressure was to high and that I would need to be induced that night, So we left the doctor's office went home got our things together, had dinner with My Family and went back to the Hospital.
I remember that your Daddy and I were SO nervous that night and the next day about what was going to happen but we were So!!! ready to see you and to hold you.
I was induced that night and the next morning I got up got my shower, put on my makeup, & flat ironed my hair but the really sad part is that i even painted my toe nails while i was in labor with you. But i wanted to look my best when I saw you for the first time{like you cared}. Lol!
Our nurse Mrs. Marcia came in to check on me right before the doctor came in to break my water and she could not believe that i had on makeup and had my hair fixed.
Needless to say my labor was very easy, And the delivery was also very easy. I was in labor with you for 4 1/2 hours and after 45 minutes you made your grand entrance. You were ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL! you had a head full of dark hair, big blue eyes, and you had your Daddy's tan. I was in Awe!
We were so very Blessed to have a perfectly healthy beautiful Baby Boy! Your Poppy's and Shashi and ALL of your Aunts & Uncles, cousins, and Great Aunts & Uncles were there, We were all so excited to see you. You were so very special to us and still are.
Your Daddy and I were always so worried about you, because 1 year before you were born we lost our 1st baby and I never knew if I would ever get to have a healthy baby, But on August 7th, 2002 all of our Hopes and Wishes came true.
We were always so nervous about EVERYTHING when it came to you.
I would sleep at night with my hand over in your bassinet and i would wakeup all hours of the night just to look at you.
You are My Super Sweet Boy! Even though you are 7 now, you always come to me first thing in the morning and let me love on you, you are great with your Little Brothers {who completely look up to you} and you LOVE to follow your Daddy around outside and work on anything and everything that he is working on. You are so funny, when Daddy is working on something you run and get your tools so you can go help.
You are My child that likes to clean {so don't forget that when you become a teenager}lol!

You are also the one i go to when i need help finding something to wear, you will tell me if it looks good or not {and i like that}.
I Love how you love people and how you care about people, I love to hear you pray for people, I love how you go through everyone's names when you pray and I mean EVERYONE {all of my IRL blog friends and there family's, By name, everyone of them}lol!
You also have a VERY special bond with your Shashi, she LOVES you more than anything.
It is hard to believe that You My Baby Boy are 7 today, because it really does just seem like yesterday that we saw your perfect little face for the first time.

Here are a few of My favorite pictures of you:



He & Me + 3 said...

What a sweet boy you have. I love that he helps you get dressed! Happy Happy Birthday Grayson! I hope that this birthday is the best ever!
can't believe how short your labor was for your first one. Ugh. Good for you. Mine was 21 hours.

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Grayson. They grow up so fast. Great pics of him growing up.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Happy Birthday to Grayson!

Mandy T said...

Happy Birthday Grayson! Love the pics