Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sorry i have been MIA lately,
things have been really busy around here the last few weeks.
We started school a few weeks ago, which is going great other than i have got 2 children in different grades that are doing different Abeka videos which means that i run between 2 different rooms all morning :/ which is not a totally bad thing because i am getting some really good excerise {you know jumping over baby gates and such}.
But Easton is NOT dealing with all of my running around back and forth between the 2 rooms very well.
You see i have to cross through the living room {where Easton is playing} to get to each of the rooms where Grayson & Brayden are working so we are going to try something different tomorrow, Grayson will do school from 8-10:30 [Easton doesn't usually wakeup from the night until 10:30 or so}, so we can be finished with G's school by the time E wakes up and then Brayden will do school after lunch from 1-3:30 {while Easton is taking a nap} so i am really praying that our new schedule will work. We will have to shift our schedule some when we have school trips with our New Homeschool group {which we are really excited about}. There is nothing like being able to get together with Mom's And Children that know how Awesome it is to Homeschool.
We did take a little mini-vacation last weekend to Callaway Gardens{i will post some pics later in the week} We had a blast getting to get away with My Parents and sisters, brother in law and niece for a few days. It was so nice to be able to go with my Parents somewhere before my Mom goes in to the hospital for her Bone Marrow/Stem Cell transplant.
But a really cool thing happened to us this weekend, Friday night we had gone to church to have directory pics made and then went to Mobile to get something to eat, Easton had gone to sleep so we went through the drive thru and ate and then went to Target. We pulled up at Target and Isaac got E out of the carseat so i could feed him. A car pulled up beside us and a man got out and headed into the store and i looked over and the woman in the passanger seat was waving at me so i waved back, then she rolled her window down and waved again so i told Isaac to roll the window down and the lady leaned out the window and said you have the Most Beautiful Baby Boy i have ever seen, I of course told her Thank You and that we thought so too.
But then the coolest thing happened, She turned around and rolled down the back window and said Abby look at this little boy and when the little girl looked over the glass it was the most Beautiful little Chinese Girl you have ever seen.
I think i can speak for Isaac too when i say that we both got chills, she was beautiful.
I told the Lady, This may dumb, but i am assuming that she is Adopted and the Lady said Yes! I tried to explain to her why Isaac and I both were staring at her little girl. I shared with her that we are in the process of Adopting a little girl from China also, the Lady's jaw dropped and she said it's funny because i just felt like i needed to speak to y'all {ok, we have never laid eyes on this woman before} I knew that at that moment that God had put her there in the parking lot at Target for us, for encouragement, hope & the strength that we will need to get through this Adoption. She asked what Agency we were going through and we told her and she said that they had friends that were with the same agency adopting a little girl from China also. We told her that we had switched agency's because we found a different program that we knew was for our family. We told her that we were Adopting a Child with Minor needs and she told us that little Abby in the back seat is special needs {are you kidding me!} She said that when they put in for a SN child that after several months thy recieved there picture of Abby and were told that she had a tumor in her back but she said that they had a peace and knew that this was there daughter so they excepted. When they traveled to China to get her several months later they were told that Abby was paralized from the waist down {she was 17 months old}.
Since they had turned in there LOA {letter of Acceptence} to the time that they traveled to bring there sweet little girl home the tumor in Abby's back had grown and had put pressure on her spinal cord. She said that they were shocked to hear this news, {that is not someting that anyone wants to hear about there child} but that they new that God had given them this little girl for a reason. She has been home with her Family for 1 year now and has had 3 major operations to remove the benign tumor, her left Leg is still paralized but Praise the Lord she is able to walk with braces and with the help of a walker. She is able to go to the restroom now on her own and is an active little girl. Isaac & I were so excited when we got into Target that we kept looking at each other and saying that was AWESOME!!!!
It is an Awesome feeling when God puts people in your path and you can feel his presence.


Leigh said...

LOVE this story! Don't you love the way God works these things out!

He & Me + 3 said...

Thanks for sharing that story. That gave me goose bumps for you. God is so good like that. Why didn't I remember you were homeschooling? Good for you. Sounds like you will be getting lots of exercise this school year. :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I hope the new school schedule is working out for you. The new blog look is too cute! I was at Kidz Kloset on Monday too...I'm suprised I didn't see you!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..that is so awesome! Gods timing is always perfect, and I love how He will use random people to encourage us when we need it!!

And in regards to homeschooling, you will definitely have to tweak your schedule here and there. It can be challenging w/ little ones who don't HS yet, but soon enough, you will find your groove and stick to a schedule that works!!