Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Brayden!!! {a little late}

6 Years ago
We became a family of 4.
at 6lbs. 4oz. and 20 1/2in.
You were our tiniest baby, your Aunts had to go
buy you premmie clothes while you were in the hospital
so when they allowed you to wear clothes you would have something that would fit you.
It was all a whirlwind, I had gone to the doctor for a checkup, Your Shashi had
gone with me, and I was told that my blood pressure was dangerously high so
we waited and waited and after lying down for several hours they kept checking and my
pressures kept rising so Dr. P asked me to go sit in the waiting room
because he need to go consult with the other Doctors, so we waited. After a while he came
in and took me to his office and said "I really didn't want to have to do this, but it looks like we don't have any other choice, We are going to have to admit you and induce." I was in
shock and worried sick, I was still 5 weeks and 1 day before my due date, but Dr. P and the other Doc's felt that it was the best choice for us both.
So he allowed me to go home and get my things and Daddy {he was at work}, but i had just a few hours, so we headed homw and at 7pm Daddy and I were back at the hospital.
they induced that night and all went great, We both slept and the next morning I got up and showered, flat ironed my hair and painted my toe nails {red}.
After 4 hours of labor they wheeled me to the delivery room{i had to go to the delivery room
since I was at high risk for having a stroke and because you were so early}
But at 2:55pm you were born,
you barely gave them time to get the bed all the way in the DR before you decided you were ready.
We were so excited to see you, You were so tiny and had alot of blond hair
and big blue eyes.
After we got back to our room they let me hold you, but our nurse {Mrs. Marcia} came in and said that something was not right and she needed to take you to the nursery, so Daddy followed.
You had us all scared to death, before long they had you on iv, had you hooked up to several moniters and your stats had dropped. They shut all of the blinds in the nursery so we didn't know what was going on.
But Mrs.M came out after a while and said your lungs just weren't ready and that they were going to have to transfer you to USA children's hospital but that they could not release me because my blood pressure was still at stroke level. While they were getting everything ready for your transfer to USA you made a turn around and you started to take breaths on your own
so they let you stay at Providence.
You were on oxygen for only a day in the nicu, Your Daddy and I sat by your bed all
night, and rubbed your little arms and legs and alittle over 24 hours after your birth we got to hold you{ you were still on oxygen but we got to cuddle you.
You did AWESOME and were able to come home after just 4 days.
You were such a GREAT baby, you woke usually 2 times a night and were just content. You started sleeping through the night at about 3 months of age and have slept throught the night since.
You are our little Scienctist, You love bugs and anything creepy crawly, you also love dinosaurs.
You tell everyone that you are going to be a Sciencetist and a clown when you grow up.
You have the best smile and can light up a room.

We Love You! Brayden