Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saving Money at PUBLIX!!!

We have been really praying about ways to cut back for many reasons,
one being we have $ 30,000.00 to raise by possibly December 1st, 2010. LOL!
But also because we want to be better stewards of our money. So I took a coupon class that a few of my friends have been telling me that I needed to go to too this past weekend, and learned ALOT!
So the Hubby, my sister {who was home visiting}, the 3 little ones and Myself loaded up this morning and headed to Publix an hour away from our home, but Oh, so worth the drive!
I had my coupon binder {I'm a newfound coupon junkie. hehe!} my sale papers and my list ready for some shopping!
I am so excited about what all we got and how little we spent and how long it will last!

Here are a few pics and a list of the thing's we came home with. I have had several people tell me that they just didn't think they would have time to clip coupons and search the store ads and be able to save much, but I am proof that it is possible.

2) jars Ragu spaggatti sauce, 2) jars Ragu cheese sauce, 2)jars Alfredo sauce, 6) cans Green Giant Green Beans, 6) cans GG Corn, 4) cans Progresso soup, & 4) cans tomatoes.

2) 100 count boxes Lipton tea bags, 2) 24 count Lipton Family size tea bags, 2) Folgers coffee & my best buy 6) 64 oz. bottles of Juicy Juice.

2) Bottles LouAnn canola oil, 2) angel hair pasta, 2) Kraft salad dressing, 2) PAM cooking spray, 4) boxes Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, 2) Knorr's pasta mixes, 2) onion soup mix, 1) 5 lbs. bag sugar.

1) box Lucky Charms, 1) box Cookie Crisp, 1) bag Doritos, 2) 6pks. Ramen noodles, 2) bags Chex Mix, 1) Loaf Sara Lee bread, 1) loaf Sourdough bread, and 8 large apples.

2) Gogurt yogart, 4) GG Steamers, 4) cans Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, 1) Jello Pudding, 1) Smithfield sausage, 1) Tyson Any'tizers chicken.

3) Colgate toothpaste, 2) Softsoap, 2) Lysol spray cleaner.
And 1) GIANT sugar cookie!, {And I also got 2) tubes of Mentos Gum.}

Spent: $ 117.52 and Saved: $ 99.24

Can't beat that!

Grayson was impressed with the length of the receipt!

Friday, February 19, 2010

One step closer!

February 10th 2010,
We got a phone call from our social worker that our homestudy application had been Approved. YAH!!!!
She assured us that the next step was going to take a little while, since now we are going to be starting our fingerprinting, FBI background checks, copy of Birth Certificates and ALOT of paperwork, but we are beyond ready to bring Our little girl home.
We are also starting our fundraising efforts to help with the Adopton fees, I will be posting more about that in a few days.
We have been really busy the last few weeks, with school, work, paperwork, Isaac starting his first lawn care job this past weekend to help with the adoption fees and several other things.
But one of those things was that Isaac & I were able to work at Winter Jam in Mobile this past weekend. We had an Amazing time at the concert, but the best part of the whole night was
that we were working the main Holt International booth. If any of you have ever been to a Winter Jam concert or a Newsong concert you know that at the Holt booths they have pictures
of children that need sponsers and families. It was an almost surrel feeling knowing that on one of those tables was likely our little girls picture. We both kept picking up pictures of little girls looking at them like "this could be her".
It was an Amazing night! We were even asked to come to the Pensacola Winter Jam coming up and work.
But best of all is that 151 children now have sponsers!!!
How Awesome is that!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


The number "44" is one everyone is talking about.
Super Bowl XLIV falls on the 44th day after Christmas, and hosts the 44-year- old New Orleans Saints franchise.
It doesn't stop there.
The 44th President of the United States.
The longest postseason pass Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, had thrown was a 44 yarder.
It's been 4 years and 4 months since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast.
Just two weeks ago, the Saints beat the Vikings, sealing their trip to Miami.
They spent 4 minutes and 44 seconds in overtime in that win.
The Saints have also retired 4 jersey numbers, and have won 4 division Championships in their history.
And they win the Super Bowl XLIV with just 44 seconds left in the game.

{I am proud to be from the Gulf Coast)

Makes me want to sing!
Oh, When the Saints, go marching in, Oh, When the Saints go marching in!!!


Who are you rooting for?

Well, for us I'm sure you can figure it out!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Joy comes in the Morning!

My Mom
recieved a call from her Oncologist in Jackson his morning,
and got some of the best news we have recieved in along time.
She is in


She said that there was not even a trace of cancer in Mom's bone marrow.
I want to Thank You all that have prayed for my Mom this past year,
We have really felt your prayers, but we would really like to ask you to
continue to keep her in your prayers!

We are so excited, relieved and overjoyed!

"Joy Comes in the Morning"