Saturday, March 13, 2010

My new favorite passtime!

I didn't go to Publix this week nor will I probably go for the next couple of weeks due to the fact that we are running out of room to put all of the groceries that we have bought the last two weeks, but I did get some great buys at CVS and Riteaid this week.

This is from my CVS trip:
The best thing about this first picture is that I only spent $ 8. 35!

6} Bottles of Green Works srpay cleaner, 2} Oral B toothbrushes, 1} Clariol hair color, 1} 9 roll pack of Charmin toliet tissue.

2} Bottles of Pantene Shampoo, 2} Bottles of Pantene conditioner, 2} Colgate kid's toothpaste, 1} Clariol haircolor.
The items in this pic only cost me 13.64
But by far my BEST savings yet are of the pics below!!!
To see how much I spent on ALL 34 COver Girl products, just keep on scrolling down!
This is from my 3 {yes I went to 3} Riteaid's to get all of this makeup}

2} Cover Girl Trublend Micromineral Foundations, 1}CG Trublend foundation, 2} CG Aqua Smooth Foundation, 1} Simply Powder Foundation/Base, 1 } Cover Girl & Olay simply ageless foundation

1} CG Micromineral Veil, 3} CG Clean pressed powder, 1} CG Fresh Complexion pocket powder.

2} CG Continuous color lipstick, 2} CG Shineblast lipgloss, 1} CG Outlast Double lipshine, 2} CG Wetslicks AmazeMint lipgloss.

1} CG Micromineral blush, 2} CG Classic color blush, 1} CG Cheekers Bronzer, 1} CG & Olay Simply ageless blush.

2} CG Eye enhancers shadow, 3} CG Lash blast mascara, 1} CG Fresh complection concealer, 4} Perfect point plus eyeliner.

*****************************Are you ready ?*************************

On ALL 34 CG products I spent $20.66!!!!!!!


You ask

This week at Riteaid they had all of there Cover Girl makeup B1G1 {buy 1 get 1}

and I purchased 17 B1G1 coupons on ebay.

So with B1G1 in the store and 17 B1G1 coupons, that made all of this makeup


All I had to pay for was shipping & handling to get the coupons, and tax!!!

My total on the makeup was $ 283.66

I paid $ 20.66

And saved: $ 263.00

I shouldn't have to buy any makeup for a LONG TIME!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Publix Visit # 2

Please say a little prayer for our Baby Easton, I took him to the doctor monday with alittle cold and he had gotten better but yesteday evening he started running a fever of 103, The nurse told us just to watch him close because he tends to go down really quick. He ran a fever all night and was still running over 102 this morning and has started wheezing, so we are getting read to take him to let the nurse listen to him and see if will be heading to the hospital. We are praying for no RSV.
I have never in my entire life been so excited to get my coupons on Sunday, and have never looked forward to going grocery shopping until now.
We headed out this morning with My Parents, My Family and I to Fairhope Publix, after lunch at McDonald's {UGH!} {the boys choice}. We head to Publix, this was my Parents first time to shop there so I was really hoping that they would save big because my Dad is not much of a grocery shopper, which he has had to do most of it since my Mom has been sick but he still really does not like doing it.
But this is what we bought:

4} Boxes Aunt Jemima Pancakes, 2} Boxes Aunt Jemima French Toast, 3} Bags Kraft Shredded Cheese, 1} Block Kraft Cheese, 1} pack Sister Shubert's Orange rolls, 2} Bags Totino's pizza rolls, 2} Bags Bird's eye Veggies, 1} Boneless Chuck roast, 1} Top Sirlon steak, 3} Pillsbury cresent rolls, 1} 10ct. Box Uncrustables, 2}Pillsbury Savorings, 1} International Delight coffee creamer,
1} 6 pk. Jell-o Pudding cups, 1} 6 pk. Jell-o Cheesecake cups, 4} Oscar Meyer Deli creations subs, 2} Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh combinations, 6} Oscar Meyer lunchables.
1} box Kellogg's Honey Smacks, 1} Kellogg's Raisin Bran, 1} Kellogg's Froot Loops, 2} Kellogg's 8pk. Fun Pack boxed cereal, 2} Boxes Cheez-it crackers, 1} Little Bites Brownies, 1} Quaker Oatmeal, 1} Box Bisquick, 1}Kellogg's Pop tarts, 1} Bag Hostess powdered doughnuts.
All Kellogg's cereal was 50% off!

2} Aunt Jemima Syrup, 1} Mayo, 4} Bottles A-1 Marinade, 2} Kraft Salad dressing, 2} Planters Peanuts, 1} banana pepper rings, 2} Mt. Olive Dill pickle relish, 4} 4pks. Bumble Bee tuna, 4} Cans Hunts tomato sauce, 4} Jars Bertolli Spaggatti Sauce, 2} Bertolli Alfredo Sauce, 4} 4pks. Dole fruit cups.

1} Kotex Pads, 2} Boxes Huggies Diapers.
I had great coupons for the Huggies{ we buy Huggies anyway but I had $6.00 worth of coupons off each box} $ 12.00 off Huggies!!!

1} bag Ruffles Chips, 1} Loaf Sara Lee Bread.

This is from my stop at Winn-Dixie: Great deal!!! Buy 2} DiGiorno Pizza's and you got 1} bag Dole Iceburg Lettuce, 1} Boxe Pizza Rolls, 1} Pepsi, and 1} Breyers Ice Cream for FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Total Spent: $175.49

Savings at Publix: $157.69