Friday, May 21, 2010

Disney World Bound!!!

In 16 hours we will be loading up and hitting the road to our
FAVORITE vacation spot of all time!
We are super excited about this trip,
for one we are going with
Our Best Friends Jenn and Paul from
the next thing is that we are going to be at Disney World for 2 whole weeks!
And the 3rd thing is I REALLY NEED A VACATION!!!!!!!!
We are so ready for this trip
{although we leave in 16 hours and I am not even packed yet} ;)
We are praying for safe travels and that NO ONE ends up in the hospital this time!
{Long scary story!}
I will have my laptop with me since my
Wonderful Hubby bought me an air card this week
so we wouldn't have to pay for the insanely outrageous wi-fi at the resort,
so I will get to play online while we travel.
And to tell you how Wonderful My Hubby is,
He not only bought me an air card of my laptop he also surprised me last week
and told me to pick out the camera that I wanted
and he would get it for me as an early anniversary present
so yesterday My new baby was delivered,
His name is
Canon Rebel!!!
{now just gotta read that big book and figure out how to use it.}

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Publix Trip May 1, 2010

24 - 64oz. Bottles of Juicy Juice
B1G1} $3.59 - $1.00 off 2 Q = $2.59 for 2 bottles = $1.30 a bottle

22 - Oscar Mayer Lunchables
$10 for $10.00
I ordered 22 $1.00 off coupons off ebay for $6.26
Which means I got all 22 of these Lunchables for $6.26 {the price of the Q} 

2 Boxes Frozen Bananas, 2 Banquet Meals $1.00 a box, 2 containers Sour Cream $ .97 B1G1 {2 for $ .97}
1} Lenders bagels, 2} Dean's french onion dip B1G1 $2.00 {I had 2 - $2.00 Q} so it was free.
2} Breyers YoCrunch Yogurt, 2} Bags Kraft Cheese

4} Boxes Zatarains rice mix
2} Old El Paso taco kits
7} Boxes Nature Valley Granola Bars

4} Right Guard Deoderant
2} Huggies Little Swimmers
1} Bag Hostess Powdered Donuts 

18- Boxes Capri Sun's {1.79 on sale at Publix I bought 20 $1.00 Q on ebay for $5.00} which means I got 18 boxes of Capri Sun's for $ .79 a box.

The total was $ 278.48
After B1G1's it came to $ 178.50
After Q's {coupons}
My Grand total came to $109.34